OPI The Great & Powerful OZ collection

OPI showed us preview of their new collection for march 2013. They teamed up with Disney new film The Great & Powerful OZ. I like when OPI teams with films cuz then I find out about new movies xDD Mostly I’m last one who watch some popular film…lot’s of times I do this on purpose cuz I don’t like to be the one who does things that most of ppl do. In spirit of this, I still didn’t saw any of Twilight movies, saw only 2 or 3 Harry Potters ( but read 6 books jajaj)..and so on =)

598618_569766943050463_746224241_n ( photo from OPI Facebook)

March LE will have 7 polishes. One is Liquid Sand polish, 3 glitters and 3 pearly sheers. If you take away Liquid Sand polish, this collection reminds a lot at last year NYC Ballet LE.

Polishes in LE are:

I’m most excited to see “What Wizardly is this?” polish. It’s dark golden Liquid Sand polish ( if I see right jajajaj). Hope that for summer they’ll do one in color of sand xD But I guess that will be to literal for OPI. I’ll also put eye on “Glints of Glinda” cuz it’s nice soft color..I just doubt that I’ll like pearly shine. And also on “Which is witch?”, I hope that it have holo glitters. I’ll buy it cuz I don’t have any holo OPI polish 🙂



“Skyfall is where we start…”

Today NOTD is Skyfall from OPI \o/ Bought it this monday in Muller even thou I could buy it weeks ago on internet 🙂
Polish is from OPI Skyfall James Bond collection. Is dark maroon red. I have some similar shades but this one is the easiest to apply. Is cream shade. I used 2 coats.
OPI likes to connect color shades with theme from movie they work with… I didn’t watch Skyfall yet so I don’t know why they decided for this color to be Skyfall.

It’s cool fall shade that turns into perfect x-mas shade when you put small red glitters on *-*

OPI Mariah Carey LE 2013

It’s known for some time that Mariah Carey will have a collection with OPI in january 2013. Now they came out photos of bottles and swatches and names but still no official promo photo. In collection are 8 polishes, for at least 4 of them is said that they are “liquid sand nail lacquer” & they look amazing!!
I’m not fan of her but I found that 6 names of this polishes are her song titles. You can find this songs at the end of this post.

Polishes are:
1. A butterfly moment –> frosty tan nude
2. The impossible –> sparkly matte fuchsia = liquid sand polish (on one photo I even saw stars inside
3. Sprung –> shimmery copper
4. Can’t let go –> sparkly matte purple = liquid sand polish
5. Pink yet lavender –> glitter polish
6. Get your number –> sparkly matte blue = liquid sand polish
7. Anti-Bleak –> deep, creamy purple
8. Stay the night –> matte black with red sparkles = liquid sand polish

You can see this polishes on ImaBeautyGeek site

OPI Euro Centrale LE for spring/summer 2013

Yesterday came out sneak peek for OPI spring/summer 2013 collection. Some girls say that is about Czech Republic but I think is more about Central Europe (why is no polish related to SLovenia :// ) Name of collection and polish names point on that more than on just Czech Republic 🙂

Colors come from dark to light.. it’s interesting that there is NO red :O as far as I remember there is always some red in OPI collections. In collection is one glitter with name Polka.com so I hope gliters are rounded like “Polka dots” =) and 2 shimmers.

Polishes in collection are ( I made description depending on upper photo, so they might be different when polishes came out)

1. Polka.com –> glitter polish with purple-blue glitters.
2. Vant to Bite my Neck? –> Dark violet/purple
3. I Saw…U Saw…We Saw…Warsaw –> Dark ink blue
4. OPI…Eurso Euro –> This blue remineds me on blue that is in Europe Union flag 🙂
5. Can’t find my Czechbook –> Light but vibrant blue
6. You’re such a BudaPest –> Light lavanda color with hint of light blue
7. My Paprika is hotter than yours! –> This is in my opinion orange with strong red undertone
8. Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN! –> lobster-coral shade
9. Hands off my Kielbasa! –> it’s color of kielbasa xD Light shade of brown.
10. A woman’s Prauge-ative –> shimmer bronze
11. OY-Another polish joke! –> shimmer yellow-gold
12. My vampire is Buff –> light natural color

Imbeautygeek already have swatches of this collection. I saw it after I wrote all this 🙂 amm Promo foto looks better than real life polishes :/ See it here –> EuroCentraleSwatches

NOTD: OPI I think in Pink

I think in Pink is one of OPI’s coming back polishes. It was out if their range (as far as I know.. correct me if I’m wrong) but they decided to put it back together with new polish You Glitter Be Good To Me into this years OPI Pink of hearts box. Pink of Hearts it’s about Breast Cancer Awareness

I liked both polishes when I saw them on net, in store they didn’t impress me.. so I didn’t buy any. OPI I think in Pink is by my sister… and, well I had to try it xD

It’s light pink semi-jelly polish. On photo you see 3 coats of it. Dry fast and builds up with new coats. When I see it on my nails I think on strawberry milkshake =)
It’s nice spring shade of pink but not my shade… so it’s good that in our shops they sell this 2 polishes separately and that I didn’t buy any. Last year pink shatter was more my thing 🙂

NOTD: Fall leaves glitter

Today I’ll show you my yesterday and today NOTD 🙂 I made it after I saw all the leaves on the floor in the park behind the building where I live. Sadly I don’t have a photo of it cuz it started to rain and is all wet and ugly :/ But yesterday in the morning there was mix of red,yellow and brown.
So I put 2 coats of brown polish on my nails and over it I put 2 thin coats of glitter polish. I didn’t have time to actually paint leaves on, plus I also don’t have brushes for that.. need to buy somewhere at least one. I came into mode when just polishing isn’t enough, I want to draw on my nails too.

This is what I used and how my nails look:

1. IsaDora 400 Base coat
2. Catrice CO3 Wood you follow me ( Hidden world LE)
3. OPI Pros & Bronze ( Serena Williams LE)
4. Essence Quick Dry Top Coat

Every month is Oktoberfest

Till OPI Germany LE I was not a person for dark polishes. I had some black ones with glitters but I got them mostly bcuz of glitters. This time there was one dark color that got me. It’s “Every month is Oktoberfest”. It’s perfect!! Never thought I’ll say this about dark color =) Turns out even dark colors can be fun xD Looks brilliant on sun.
Be4 I started this post I went over all photos I did and color of this polish started to remind me on dark-red cherry…but there is no cherries in fall, so I still need to connect this polish with something fall-ish.

This is 100% two coater. Covers your nails in one coat also, but in first coat base indigo blue is more visible. Yes it have dark indigo blue base color. You can see it only when you open the bottle and in first coat. In second coat red-purple shimmer pops out. It’s probably red shimmer but blue base makes it shine a lil bit purple-ish. It’s thick on brush & smooth on nails.

This year Oktoberfest will be held from 22.september till 7.october 2012 in Munich,Germany..big beer party!! I never been there, yet =) Slovenian national music is similar to german national music. They even play some slovenian songs on Oktoberfest. One that I’m shure it was played there is song “Na Golici” by “Avseniki”. It’s the most famous slovenian song and have no lyrics. Enjoy in it while you polish your nail with Germany LE polishes! =)

We have GOLD!!!!

Gold,gold,gold!! Gold Olympic medal!!! First on London 2012 Olympic games. First medal and a gold, amazing!! =) And is first women gold medal for Slovenia. We got it in judo. Winner is URŠKA ŽOLNIR. It was impressive to watch her! So concentrated, calm and focused. Awsome!! And this is her second medal, in 2004 she got bronze.

And in her honor I put golden nail polish to my nails \o/ It’s “H&M – Back by noon”.
2 coats of polish that in bottle looks like old gold but on nails like new gold xD Like gold.

OPI sends some new ones to the game :)

Be2 OPI Germany LE and OPI James Bond LE ( or 007 collection, as I saw somewhere) there will also come some other new shades.

First, with James Bond will come nail polish with real gold. It’s name is THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN. It’s top coat with 18 carat gold leafs.
Photo from OPI Facebook.

To James Bond LE they’ll also add 3 magnetic nail polishes. So many other brands have or had magnetic nail polishes that I didn’t notice OPI didn’t come out with this yet 🙂 Every color will have diferent magnet. It’s only 1 original magnet, it’ll make “mesh look”. You can see polishes in this link –> Nailingthings

To Designer Series they’ll add 2 new polishes. DS INDULGENCE & DS LUXURIOUS

You can see swatches here –> BeyondThePolish
Non of the are for my taste but if I had to choose, I pick DS Indulgence.

And for Halloween they prepared SO SO SKULLICIOUS mini pack. Inside you’ll find 4 mini polishes and 1 sheet of nail decals. Theme of the pack is “Dia de los Muertos”.

Photo with bottles is from Ebay

1. HI PUMPKIN! — orange
4. CANDLELIGHT — yellow

I love mexican culture so I like that they used a mexican theme for this minis.
To me this orange,pink,black and yellow look too much usual . Didn’t saw swatches yet nor did specific explanations. So maybe black is jelly black and yellow is yellow that glows in dark ( like last year green one) and pink is maybe neon pink and orange is orange with gold shimmer. This are my hopes xD

OPI James Bond LE

Just saw on OPI Facebook that in October they’ll come out with James Bond LE. It’s to celebrate 50th James Bond b’day, if I can say so xD I’m not shure if the name of collection will be “James Bond” but it is inspired by him.

Nail polishes: The Spy Who Loved Me, Casino Royale, You Only Live Twice, Die Another Day, Skyfall, GoldenEye, The World Is Not Enough, Moonraker, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, The Living Daylights, Live And Let Die, Tomorrow Never Dies.

I’m interested into GoldenEye, Moonraker and The Living Daylights. I don’t really like red nail polish cuz usually it stain my nails :/ Only red I like is one jelly red by OPI =)
This collection will be super good for James Bond fans. I never watched any James Bond film, wird right! But I did read one or two books about it and did like it. Once had a plan to read all books but this plan was soon over-ruled by others xD Films were lot of times on tv but somehow didn’t have interest to watch it. But I do know who all played James Bond, all hot ones (y) And know some songs =)