My new Essence lipglosses

For some time I totally ignored lipglosses that I have. Last month I wanted to use some and figured out they mostly run out of date. So I decided to get some new Essence cuz I like them 🙂


1. Essence lipgloss in 022 NUDE KISS

Nude kiss is lipgloss in “Nude” color 🙂 In past Essence had collection XXXL Nudes lipgloss. One of the lipglosses had the same name as this one. I have it and I really love it. I thought new and old one will be the same, but they’re not. New version is darker. I was a lil bit sad bcuz of that but I can say that new version looks better on me that old I started to like it o/

DSCN4787 DSCN4831

DSCN4846+ DSCN4859+

2. Essence lipgloss in 18 SPARKLING PAPAYA

DSCN4789 DSCN4871+

3. Essence lipgloss in 18 TRUE LOVE. Contains carmine.

DSCN4791 DSCN4890

DSCN4893+ DSCN4887+

4. Essence lipgloss in 021 RED BLOSSOM

DSCN4794 DSCN4903

All lipglosses apply smoothly, they’re not thick and they are well ones more than other 2. Nude Kiss have toffee smell, Sparkling papaya have strong fruity smell and other two have a lil bit of fruit smell. My favourites are Nude Kiss and True Love. For holidays I’ll wear a lot Red Blossom over some red lipstick.


NOTD: Essence 118 Little miss sunrise

You all know that Essence changed shape of their bottle and brush. I like both. Bottle is really original and colors look better in it 🙂 So far I have only one polish in new version. It’s Little Miss Sunrise… like Little Miss Sunshine. It’s her shade of yellow. Darker,dirty yellow. In Slovenia we call it “oker”, don’t know how it’s in english :s

I used 2 coats. It’s creme polish and way much easier to apply as other yellows that I tried. That’s cuz others were pastel yellow 🙂 I prefer this one \o/

Essence Twilight & Home sweet home

I’m not fan of Twilight ( did read all the books, pass all the films.. it’s ok but I’m not a fan) but anyway I somehow end up buying Essence Twilight collections 🙂 If I remember right first product I ever bought by Essence was from Twilight LE ( Essence Eclipse LE, 03 Edward or Jacob? duo eyeshadow ) in 2010. Last year I also bought eyeshadow palette, this year I have only polishes cuz I don’t like Essence pigments.

Name of Essence collection for last Twilight movie is “Twilight Breaking Down part 2”. Swaches of pigments are on Polished Polyglot blog and of all other products from collection on EmmabovaryBeauty blog And I’ll show you my photos of 01 Jacob’s Protection and 02 Alice had a vision – again.
This collection is currently available in Slovenia in DM store, in Muller they already had it.

This are darker shades with glitters. I used 2 coats per nail.

1. Essence 01 JACOB’S PROTECTION –> Dark blue, almost black with blue, green and a lil bit of purple glitters.

2. Essence 02 ALICE HAD A VISION – AGAIN –> Dark purple base with purple, pink a lil bit of green glitters.

U can see other two polishes in Nailderella blog

Next Essence collection for winter is Home sweet home. Is all about Scandinavia \o/ I think Essence could pull of more out of this theme. Only thing I really wanted from this LE are nail stickers cuz I love this type of flower pattern. Nail polishes are ok but I have some in this colors so the one I liked the most I bought for my sister 🙂


See nail polish swatches on CandyGlaze blog, and of lipsticks on Misch’s Beauty Blog & Matejasbeautyblog

NOTD: Fall leaves glitter

Today I’ll show you my yesterday and today NOTD 🙂 I made it after I saw all the leaves on the floor in the park behind the building where I live. Sadly I don’t have a photo of it cuz it started to rain and is all wet and ugly :/ But yesterday in the morning there was mix of red,yellow and brown.
So I put 2 coats of brown polish on my nails and over it I put 2 thin coats of glitter polish. I didn’t have time to actually paint leaves on, plus I also don’t have brushes for that.. need to buy somewhere at least one. I came into mode when just polishing isn’t enough, I want to draw on my nails too.

This is what I used and how my nails look:

1. IsaDora 400 Base coat
2. Catrice CO3 Wood you follow me ( Hidden world LE)
3. OPI Pros & Bronze ( Serena Williams LE)
4. Essence Quick Dry Top Coat

Silver hammer

Yesterday at night we got silveeeeer medal!!! In hammer throw! But I waited till today to write about it cuz today was medal ceremony. =) Our new hero is Primož Kozmus. He was Olympic champion in Beijing 2008. This year he got silver. He is more happy for this silver than gold & we others also a lil bit xD It’s cuz months after his gold medal he retired. It was big surprise for all of us. Then he fight for sportsman rights in Slovenia, got married & got cute lil girl, opened hostel and last year said that he’s coming back to sport. He trained a lot and then last month or 2 months ago he fired his coach, so to Olympics he went with no real coach. We all hoped for medal but didn’t really believed he’ll get it. Well when you saw him with smile at start of the game it was obvious he’s going for a medal. And he got it!! Now he just needs bronze from Rio… so far he says he’s going to RIo2016 but he might say no.. who knows 🙂

For our 4th medal in London2012 I finally have to wear silver nail polish =) It’s Essence 04 Love me tender. I put 2 coats over neon yellow jajajaj on one finger I put it over crackle nail polish and I like how it came out.

Cling wrap=Saran wrap manicure

Hello,Hello! Came from vacations just on time to catch new hit in blog world =) It’s called Cling wrap manicure. Read that in USA they call it Saran wrap manicure… to me this sounds more Asia style xD It’s the thing that you use it in kitchen and now you can use it on your nails. It’s simple, 5min manicure with cute effect \o/

Video from where I learned how to do it.

And if I understand right, this is the video by girl who invented this :s (Talkin about Saran video).

What I used:

– Manhattan base coat
– Deborah Milano Pret A Porter in 17 Orange Code
– China Glaze in SUN WORSHIPER
– Essence High Shine top coat

I used 2 coats of these cream polish. It’s name says that it’s orange but to me this is coral. Over I put 1 coat of China Glaze and quickly dab it with cling wrap. More that polish dries more it goes away with cling wrap.

Neon is a killer to photograph =)) It’s better if you do this with more opposite colors, like it’s in first video. I already wore base color for a day and then first that I grab was neon orange.
I like this manicure cuz it looks like when you mix colors on a palette and you’re not done yet. I liked to do this at school, at art class. Other kids always used colors from tube, only I mixed them on palette and then others were “wooww! Where did you got this color?” 🙂

Ready for the road

Was lil bit out of blogging life, exams and stuff =) And will be again out, this saturday I’ll go to vacations. So in this post I’ll show 2 palettes that I’ll have with me. Catrice & Essence had them in their summer LE. You can still buy Catrice palette in Muller,Ljubljana center ( at least yesterday was still there). I bought them in june but didn’t had time to blog about it.

1. ESSENCE palette in 01 BEAUTY ON TOUR from Ready for Boarding LE

First I fall in love in outside look of this palette. It’s like old letter *-* Really cute! Inside are 6 shades all with shimmer. They are nice for natural daily look. They stay on for 3 hours. Brown is the most pigmented and my favourite in this palette.

Light gray is first in a row, then comes really light pastel yellow then is pastel green. This 3 are not well pigmented. They’re good to put it in the corner of your eye. Most pigmented of all 3 is green.
Then is light blue that’s in the middle rang of pigmentation & light beige and brown. This 3 I use most of the time.

I figured out that if I put under this eyeshadows white Catrice eyeshadow from my next palette, they last longer on eyes. So buy some light/white Catrice eyeshadow and your Essence eyeshadows will stay longer. 🙂


I was surprised when I came home & saw this is my first Catrice palette or eyeshadow…why didn’t I bought any be4?? They are good, last long and are way better than Essence ones. Inside are 5 eyeshadow. I really like blue ones and love white =) Don’t know what to do with red & orange…maybe for blusher.

White is shimmery but not too to. I use it a lot, for everything =) For base color, highlighter in the corner of an eye. I like to put it as a base color under darker color. It makes them lil bit lighter and adds lil bit of cute shimmer. It’s not pigmented enough to use it for “white eye”.
Then is dark matte blue eyeshadow. It’s nautic blue, good for smokey look. Then is light blue with shimmer, like water on sun. Next on my hand is orange with light shimmer and last is matte red. It’s light red.

I like both of palettes. Maybe I miss more of “night party colors” and a mirror! It would really be good to have mirror on but I guess this would be too much for low price that this palettes have. They both have small duo-brush. They are good if you’re a “starter”, if you know more than just basic makeup technic’s is better that you have some more brushes with you. That’s why both brands put small bags in their LE’s xD

Peeling off my nail polish

I do peel off my nail polish when I’m nervous, but this time this is not the case =) I’m peeling off my nail polish cuz I tried my Essence Peel Off base coat. It’ from Ready for Boarding LE. From this LE I also have eyeshadow palette. It’s way better than this base coat 🙂

I never heard of be four that peel off nail polishes exist. So I really wanted to buy and try this one.
It disappointed me a lot :/ First when I opened it, it smell like some white glue that we used in middle school. Good memories, but I’m not fond of having glue on my nails =) That’s first minus, second is that u need to wait 10 minutes to dry. A little bit to long for me. When is dry works like normal base coat.

I put this base coat only on 2 fingers. On one I put it thicker and on other more thinner to see if it makes any difference. It does not, they both peeled in the same way.
Over I put CHINA GLAZE nail polish in GOTHIC LOLITA from Electropop LE It’s pretty violet color. Have pink shimmer and a lot of darker violet parts in it, I guess they didn’t mix it well cuz on nail you don’t see any blue 🙂

My camera ate all brightness of violet color :/ It’s bright, vibrant violet. I bought it cuz I don’t have any similar. I only have light violet, light purple or dark ones but nothing in be2.

Ans then we come to the part when I peel off my polish 🙂 I thought I would peel all at once. WRONG! It’s the same as when you peel off your polish in small parts, just that this time is like you peel off glue. So it goes easier but you still hurt your nails. And I also couldn’t peel off all nail polish, needed polish remover for that.
Purpose of this is that you take less things on your vacations.. This base coat,nail polish and base coat. No polish remover. Great idea but this one don’t work really well, you still need polish remover. Well for 2€ I shouldn’t expect that it would work xD If OPI makes peel off base it would definitely work (y)

June haul

It’s time of exams so I don’t have so many time to blog or shop. But yesterday and today I did bought some things.
Today I’ll do only haul and in next days reviews.

– 2 H&M nail polishes
– Catrice nail polish from Cruise Couture LE
– Catrice Lip Gloss from Coolibri LE
– MaxFactor FlipStick

– IsaDora Summer Set. One lipstick,lipgloss and compact foundation.All with sun protection.

– IsaDora Jelly Kiss lipstick. It’s the only one that I didn’t have. I got it for free from our distributer cuz I was pain in the ass about how we don’t have Jelly Kiss lipsticks all the time in the shop xD
– Essence Peel Off base coat from Ready for Boarding LE
– Essence palette from Ready for Boarding LE
– IsaDora nail polish from Papagayo LE
– Catrice palette from Cruise Couture LE
– IsaDora Base coat… I run out of my Depend base polish, so it was a must buy =)

Essence Ready for Boarding LE is available in Slovenia from today on.

Essence new nail polish bottles

Today brand Essence put on Facebook photo of new nail polish bottles. They have new shape. I like how they look, they are original o/ They wrote that 44 new shades of Color&Go polishes will come out in august 2012 in this new bottle. They’ll also have new brush and gel-shine effect. There’ll be 8ml of polish in.

Second photo is from AllYouDesire FB.

Next photos are from blog SonandoEnTecnicolor