Depend Glitter & Metal LE

I was surprised when I already saw this LE in Slovenia \o/ It came to their page two or one week ago and we already have it. There’s not even a lot of swatches on net yet. From promo photo I knew I watch polishes number 278 cuz it looks like it’s orange glitter but it’s not and 338 cuz looks like x-mas 🙂


All glitters look amazing but metal part don’t look metal to me but colors look good..more like if they’re part of Depend Mirror LE just with less shine.
Glitter 276 is pink, 277 have mix of red and silver glitters, 279 have gold+red+green glitters, 280 is full of dark purple glitters and some others that I don’t remember =) and 335 have silver and holo glitters ( I think holo are bigger than silver).

1. DEPEND 338 nail polish –> Semi-jelly red with pink undertone with pink shimmer and silver glitters. Like if you have some candy on your nails 🙂 I put 2 coats my nails are still visible. It’s nice shade, perfect for those who would like to wear red for x-mas but don’t like classic red.

DSCN4728 DSCN4730

DSCN4739+ DSCN4742+

2. DEPEND 278 nail polish –> Glitter polish with gold,red and pink glitters. I put it over 338 but they don’t go very well together cuz you can’t see pink glitters. I prefer 338 with no add-on =)

DSCN4732 DSCN4752

3. DEPEND nail polish in 045 –> This is from their permanent collection. I’ll show it in this post cuz it goes with the theme =) It’s polish full of micro-gold glitters.



Golden Glam

We finally got Depend nail polishes in Črnomelj \o/ DM store in my home town was one of few that didn’t have this brand. I don’t get it why and it was big fail by DM Slovenia! Two weeks ago we got them.. still not all but at least some things. We have Mirror LE, one nail polish from Fall 2012 LE and some polishes from permanent LE.
I was so happy when I saw that we have all Mirror LE & separate box cuz in Ljubljana they mixed it with permanent polishes & I don’t like it 🙂 I bought Golden Glam 2046. Gold glittery polish for holidays that are coming.

I put 2 coats. It’s fusion of micro gold glitters. I didn’t put any top coat cuz it shines enough on its own.

Violet dawn by Depend

Today NOTD is Depend 2038 Violet Dawn from their Mirror LE In Slovenia we got only 6 polishes from this collection ( at least I found only 6 of them ). I like how Depend puts names for their special collections..should be the same for standard polishes 🙂

Name of polish says that this is violet but to me this is pink with a lot of silver parts that make mirror effect. Polish shines a lot on nails, like when u put mirror under light.
I used two coats of nail polish. I noticed that last Depend polishes that I bought dry really slow :/

NOTD: Depend 325

Depend 325 is part of their Fall 2012 collection. Is green-blue shade,“beetle shade” with shimmer. Needs 2 coats. In first you get just dark green semi-jelly base. In second coat you get blue shimmer.
I remember that I liked this crayon color when I was little. And I like this one too. But it dries really slow..or maybe I put to thick second coat :s

Then I put over one coat of Depend 328. Don’t look like I expected but still much better than over white or black.

Yellow glitters over Steel my soul

When Depend showed their first promo photos for Fall 2012 collection all was wooowed by polish number 328. When woow effect went away you thought how does neon yellow goes with fall and will this look ok on nail.
My first thought was “I’m gonna buy this!!”, then I saw swatches and didn’t like it buuut then saw it in shop and it went with me xD

Depend 328 is light neon yellow based polish with silver glitters. Some say it have clear base and yellow glitters. I put it on white paper and it left yellow trace. Glitters can’t color your white paper,right? When you apply it, yellow base go over silver glitters and they look like frosting or like when you put crystal sugar on hot cake and then some crystals do melt and some don’t.

I didn’t try this polish on it own ( u can see that on blog ). I put it over Catrice 905 Steel my soul. It’s 1 coat over and no top coat. Looks like if glitters sink into base polish 🙂 You can see only a hint of yellow. It reminded me immediately on fallen yellow leaves that I can see over my window.

So, as a top coat it goes well with fall 🙂 Don’t know if I would wear it on its own in fall, at least not this year when I’m all into dark autumn polishes.
If you want to see how it looks over white and black base polish go to Nailtastic blog. The same as she, I also don’t like it over white & black. I’ll try it over Depend 325 cuz it looked promising when I tried it on paper xD Had that crystal sugar effect, I was talkin upper in this post.

Depend Holo’s

Hello,Hollo/Holo!! xD New post is here. It’s time to show you my 2 Depend Holographic polishes, they’re waiting for this since june jajajaj
There are 12 diferent shades Only on Depend page you can read their name, on bottles is only number, as always :/
My shades are 2029 Charm Pink and 2035 Laurel Green.
Swatches of all other shades you can see here –> Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 They are made by NailOfThisWeek
Price for Holo Depend polishes is around 3€, while normal ones cost around 2€ in Slovenian store.

1. Charm Pink 2029

Light pink holo. 1 coat is enough cuz is on thicker side. Subtil.romantic pink. In sun you can see diferent shades of pink. Lovely pink..sometimes look like neutral on my nails, so I would prefer if it would be more darker. Maybe I should buy other shade of pink 🙂 But it’s ok for days when you don’t want a lot of color on your nails.

2. Laurel Green 2035

Light green. Under sun you can seesome light blue stripes on your nails. Totally love this effect! But sadly this polish is really sheer, so you need 2, on some nails even 3, coats of polish. From 5ml you can get 10 or even less manicures :/ If you put this polish over neutral base color, you need 2 coats. Will try it over black once, hope that there I’ll need only 1 coat cuz I don’t want to run out of this polish super fast.

Depend 313

Yesterday I bought me new Depend nail polish. Is from their Summer 2012 collection. I didn’t buy it be4 cuz I didn’t know we have this collection in SLovenia. Smart workers in shop mixed this polishes with permanent polishes, so I didn’t saw them. I assume it was the same with Spring 2012 LE :// Polish 313 was on my WL so I was very happy when I got it, it was the last one in this store 🙂

It’s darker semi-jelly purple with light blue microglitters. I used 3 coats cuz I wasn’t co carefull with first two coats 🙂 Otherwise you can go out with 2. Have a lot of shine in its own..even more with top coat. But I wanted to see how it looks with matte top coat. Put it on 2 fingers and I prefer it in matte version 🙂 Purple base turns into matte but blue glitters still shine, so it looks amazing!
To me this polish feels more like fall than summer. It’s for september, when summer turns into fall 🙂

Depend Magnetic nail polishes

I have 2 of 12 Depend Magnetic polishes I bought them in Juni but then left them in Ljubljana so I couldn’t take pictures of them ( happened the same with 2 Depend Holo polishes and IsaDora Magnetic polish.. swatches will come soon).

I have number 6005 and 6010. Bought are with glitters. In 6005 are more visible on nails and are holo while in 6010 are blue/violet.
For bought I used magnet from IsaDora magnetic nail polish. Reason is cuz magnets on my Depend polishes don’t work :/ Or I don’t know how to use them :s Magnet from IsaDora have more power and you don’t need to wait long to make effect, so I guess I don’t wait enough with Depend magnet. Depend magnet makes stripes while IsaDora does waves.

1. Depend Magnetic nail polish in 6005. Grey polish with holo glitters. I used 1 coat of this cuz its super coverable.

2. Depend Magnetic nail polish in 6010. Dark red with blue to violet glitters. Here I have 3 coats cuz I messed something at second coat xD Otherwise is 2 coater. It’s sheerer, with one coat waves or stripes are not so visible.

Even thou I had problems with my Depend magnetics, I love this 2 polishes. Bought will be perfect for fall that comes. I know that some other girls didn’t have problems with magnets.. so maybe is good if you try them in shop somehow =) Don’t know why I have problems with their power, just tried them on refrigerator and they do pop on like normal magnets :s
Anyway.. they coast around 3€ and you can still buy them in DM.

Shattered french mani

This days I’m in love in yellow nail polishes… in pale yellow. So I used lightest yellow that I have and then for no reason put purple crackle at the end of nail =)) Looks cute but I think that my short nails look even shorter with this mani. Will use it more when they’ll be bigger.

Question: Only OPI crackle polishes are “shatter” or u can say shatter also to polishes of other brands? Wha is difference be2 shatter & crackle in fact? :s

Yellow that I used is by H&M, from their Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

Purple is Depend 5006.

NOTD and Easter nail art inspiration

I somehow forgot Easter is coming 🙂 Even thou theres Easter decoration all around..I always think it must be in march not april so when april comes I leave it out of my mind.
Today this video with cute Easter nails reminded me about this holiday 🙂 There are light pastel colors and decoration like u do on eggs.

And my NOTD… DEPEND nail polish in 222 it’s light purple, lavender color with silver glitters sawn only in bottle. I don’t mind that cuz this color its super awsome spring color! ❤ I used 2 coats.

+ more inspiration (y)