Go for gold! \o/

Today is grand opening of Alpine World Ski Championships held in Schladming, Austria. For Slovenia will ski Tina Maze & 20 other skiers. Tina have the most chances to win any medal in our team. This season she made so much in world cup that I don’t expect any medal but I know she’ll go for it. Any medal will be just a bonus in this awesome season for me. I predict gold in giant slalom 🙂

Lately is popular that every big competition have an official song. Schladming have song “Go for gold” by Andreas Gabalier.

And what also become popular..that girls participating on competitions get their nails done in colours of their country flag 🙂 Here are nails by Maria Höfl-Riesch from Germany.
I also did my nails but not in colors of Slovenia flag. I put on color of Tina Maze ski kit. Light blue. She also have dark blue snow flakes on. They are from Slovenian SKi federation.. I love the way they look o/
Over 2 coats of Essence Absolutely Blue I put 2 coats of Essence Dreams for Sale. It’s glitter topper from their Hugs & Kisses LE. I bought it today, as well as More than Words topper.

DSCN5242 DSCN5244

DSCN5268 DSCN5270

DSCN5280 634948932110704750_30_goldenfox_3240_130127_vp

Tina Maze photo is from Siol.si from Maribor 2013. She become 3rd Slovene to win Zlata Lisica ( Golden fox) trophy after she was second in giant slalom and first in slalom.


IsaDora Bella Vita Spring 2013 LE

IsaDora prepared new collection for spring. Is full of pastel colors, even for eyes. They say it’s inspired by Mediterran & ice cream and that you need to think on Audrey Hepburn in the 50s with a contemporary twist when you look at this LE. Even thou I love Jelly Kiss lipsticks ( 2 new colors in this LE) I think the star of this LE is eyeshadow palette in pastel colors *-*


In collection are: ( All photos are from IsaDora page )

1. JELLY KISS LIPSTICK in 60 Ballerina, 62 Cappuccino and 63 Biscotti. Numbers 62 & 63 are new colors.


2. MOISTURIZING LIPGLOSS in 29 Bubble gum & 41 Noisette. Bubble gum is old shade.


3. PERFECT LIPLINER in 28 Nude Skin & 29 Candy Pink.


4. NAIL POLISHES in 752 Macchiato, 753 Rosette, 754 Bella Vita, 755 Pistacchio.


5. EYE SHADOW QUARTET in 49 Gelato. LIke how they used this eyeshadows on promo photo but I’m affraid this matte shadows woun’t be pigmented enough for my taste 🙂


6. EYEBROW LIFTER , HIghlighting pen. YOu can see swatch on LInda Hallberg blog.


7. INLINER KAJAL in 50 Satin White.


8. FLEX TIP EYELINER in 80 Carbon black.


9. PRECISION MASCARA in 10 Deep Black.


10. PERFECT POWDER BLUSHER in 06 Pink Blossom.


You can see photos and swatches of some products on FrokenRosa blog, DolceDelinda blog, Linneas Sminkblogg, Stereotypicallyme blog

OPI The Great & Powerful OZ collection

OPI showed us preview of their new collection for march 2013. They teamed up with Disney new film The Great & Powerful OZ. I like when OPI teams with films cuz then I find out about new movies xDD Mostly I’m last one who watch some popular film…lot’s of times I do this on purpose cuz I don’t like to be the one who does things that most of ppl do. In spirit of this, I still didn’t saw any of Twilight movies, saw only 2 or 3 Harry Potters ( but read 6 books jajaj)..and so on =)

598618_569766943050463_746224241_n ( photo from OPI Facebook)

March LE will have 7 polishes. One is Liquid Sand polish, 3 glitters and 3 pearly sheers. If you take away Liquid Sand polish, this collection reminds a lot at last year NYC Ballet LE.

Polishes in LE are:

I’m most excited to see “What Wizardly is this?” polish. It’s dark golden Liquid Sand polish ( if I see right jajajaj). Hope that for summer they’ll do one in color of sand xD But I guess that will be to literal for OPI. I’ll also put eye on “Glints of Glinda” cuz it’s nice soft color..I just doubt that I’ll like pearly shine. And also on “Which is witch?”, I hope that it have holo glitters. I’ll buy it cuz I don’t have any holo OPI polish 🙂


NOTD: Pearly Frost

Season of gifts started \o/ On 6th December we in Slovenia celebrate “Miklavž” or St.Nicholas day. That’s a man who brings gifts to good kids and to bad one’s “parkelj” brings sticks =) Parkelj is kind of devil creature. Most common gift by Miklavž are fruits, specially mandarins,oranges and apples.. nowadays you get some more pricey gift too =)

One of the things I got was IsaDora gift box with nail polish and bracelet. In shop they have 3 different boxes. One have polish 651 Silver Sparkles + grey IsaDora bracelet, other polish 728 Black Galaxy + black IsaDora bracelet. I have polish 103 Pearly Frost + White IsaDora bracelet.

DSCN4804 DSCN4809

Nail polish is white with pearl finnish. I used 2 coats but 1 coat works fine also..I’m just more used to have 2 coats =)

DSCN4812 DSCN4827

DSCN4820 DSCN4823

This polish was perfect for this week when we got snow & it looked like if I have snow on my nails too 🙂 I’ll wear it more in january, right now I’m more into glitters and reds.

While I took photos of NOTD this cute dog walked into park behind the building where I live *-* I love to take photos of pets.. have million of our cat xD

DSCN4805 DSCN4806

Depend Glitter & Metal LE

I was surprised when I already saw this LE in Slovenia \o/ It came to their page two or one week ago and we already have it. There’s not even a lot of swatches on net yet. From promo photo I knew I watch polishes number 278 cuz it looks like it’s orange glitter but it’s not and 338 cuz looks like x-mas 🙂


All glitters look amazing but metal part don’t look metal to me but colors look good..more like if they’re part of Depend Mirror LE just with less shine.
Glitter 276 is pink, 277 have mix of red and silver glitters, 279 have gold+red+green glitters, 280 is full of dark purple glitters and some others that I don’t remember =) and 335 have silver and holo glitters ( I think holo are bigger than silver).

1. DEPEND 338 nail polish –> Semi-jelly red with pink undertone with pink shimmer and silver glitters. Like if you have some candy on your nails 🙂 I put 2 coats my nails are still visible. It’s nice shade, perfect for those who would like to wear red for x-mas but don’t like classic red.

DSCN4728 DSCN4730

DSCN4739+ DSCN4742+

2. DEPEND 278 nail polish –> Glitter polish with gold,red and pink glitters. I put it over 338 but they don’t go very well together cuz you can’t see pink glitters. I prefer 338 with no add-on =)

DSCN4732 DSCN4752

3. DEPEND nail polish in 045 –> This is from their permanent collection. I’ll show it in this post cuz it goes with the theme =) It’s polish full of micro-gold glitters.


NOTD: Alessandro Sacred Silver

For a long time I didn’t buy any Alessandro nail polish. I don’t even know when they have new LE’s 🙂 And so after some time I went to Nama store. As always happens their shop lady came to me asking if I need some help.. as always I said no xD Usually they don’t have a clue what nail polishes they have. But this one kind of knew =) Even thou I said no, she came back and started to chat with me about Alessandro dupes xD Alessandro Catch me LE have some. It’s LE with mini version on their polishes. They coast around 4€ and normal size coast around 9€. I guess I was so impressed that she knows some things about polishes that at the end I bought Alessandro Sacred Silver from Catch me LE. She said it’s Chanel dupe, I added that OPI have the same polish too. Comparison be2 Chanel Graphite and OPI Number One Nemesis’ was made on OmmorphiaBeautyBar blog

DSCN4710 DSCN4724

I used 3 coats of this black/dark grey jelly base packed with vintage gold glitters and also some green and bronze or even dark red glitters. Vintage gold is main glitter, other 2 you can see only on nails when you watch them close to you =)

DSCN4718 DSCN4722

It’s really nice color that I totally overlooked in OPI Spider-man LE. I didn’t like that LE at all. But I’m glad that I bought it at the end even more cuz I gave 10€ less that I would for OPI version =) Only think I don’t like is, that is very shear. Even after 3 coats I could see my nail-line and it went away from tips of my nails really fast :/ I also tried it over some darker shade and it looked better like that.

Golden Glam

We finally got Depend nail polishes in Črnomelj \o/ DM store in my home town was one of few that didn’t have this brand. I don’t get it why and it was big fail by DM Slovenia! Two weeks ago we got them.. still not all but at least some things. We have Mirror LE, one nail polish from Fall 2012 LE and some polishes from permanent LE.
I was so happy when I saw that we have all Mirror LE & separate box cuz in Ljubljana they mixed it with permanent polishes & I don’t like it 🙂 I bought Golden Glam 2046. Gold glittery polish for holidays that are coming.

I put 2 coats. It’s fusion of micro gold glitters. I didn’t put any top coat cuz it shines enough on its own.

NOTD: Essence 118 Little miss sunrise

You all know that Essence changed shape of their bottle and brush. I like both. Bottle is really original and colors look better in it 🙂 So far I have only one polish in new version. It’s Little Miss Sunrise… like Little Miss Sunshine. It’s her shade of yellow. Darker,dirty yellow. In Slovenia we call it “oker”, don’t know how it’s in english :s

I used 2 coats. It’s creme polish and way much easier to apply as other yellows that I tried. That’s cuz others were pastel yellow 🙂 I prefer this one \o/

Polar nights

We never have polar nights but I do have nail polish with that name. Is from IsaDora. Have blue base color, lot’s of small silver glitters and some silver glitter hexagons. Looks impressive in bottle but somehow this hexagons don’t want to go from brush to my nails :/ I put 2 coats of polish, maybe in 3rd I would get more of them 🙂

I didn’t expect that in second coat blue will be so dark but I like it that way.

I wanted this polish since I first saw sneak-peek from IsaDora *-* Thought I don’t have any similar polish but found today Essence 78 Blue Addicted. It’s the same idea, jelly polish with two different shapes of glitters. Difference is that Essence polish is more sheer, blue jelly have green&black undertone, small glitters are in blue and hexagons are in green and blue.
I could say that I prefer Polar nights cuz I never wore Blue Addicted 🙂 I guess green hexagons bother me & that’s way I don’t put it on my nails.

Violet dawn by Depend

Today NOTD is Depend 2038 Violet Dawn from their Mirror LE In Slovenia we got only 6 polishes from this collection ( at least I found only 6 of them ). I like how Depend puts names for their special collections..should be the same for standard polishes 🙂

Name of polish says that this is violet but to me this is pink with a lot of silver parts that make mirror effect. Polish shines a lot on nails, like when u put mirror under light.
I used two coats of nail polish. I noticed that last Depend polishes that I bought dry really slow :/