IsaDora Bella Vita Spring 2013 LE

IsaDora prepared new collection for spring. Is full of pastel colors, even for eyes. They say it’s inspired by Mediterran & ice cream and that you need to think on Audrey Hepburn in the 50s with a contemporary twist when you look at this LE. Even thou I love Jelly Kiss lipsticks ( 2 new colors in this LE) I think the star of this LE is eyeshadow palette in pastel colors *-*


In collection are: ( All photos are from IsaDora page )

1. JELLY KISS LIPSTICK in 60 Ballerina, 62 Cappuccino and 63 Biscotti. Numbers 62 & 63 are new colors.


2. MOISTURIZING LIPGLOSS in 29 Bubble gum & 41 Noisette. Bubble gum is old shade.


3. PERFECT LIPLINER in 28 Nude Skin & 29 Candy Pink.


4. NAIL POLISHES in 752 Macchiato, 753 Rosette, 754 Bella Vita, 755 Pistacchio.


5. EYE SHADOW QUARTET in 49 Gelato. LIke how they used this eyeshadows on promo photo but I’m affraid this matte shadows woun’t be pigmented enough for my taste 🙂


6. EYEBROW LIFTER , HIghlighting pen. YOu can see swatch on LInda Hallberg blog.


7. INLINER KAJAL in 50 Satin White.


8. FLEX TIP EYELINER in 80 Carbon black.


9. PRECISION MASCARA in 10 Deep Black.


10. PERFECT POWDER BLUSHER in 06 Pink Blossom.


You can see photos and swatches of some products on FrokenRosa blog, DolceDelinda blog, Linneas Sminkblogg, Stereotypicallyme blog


Sleek Respect Palette

In first post of this year I decided to show you Sleek Respect palette. I got it for x-mas. It’s from PPQ Shangri-LA collection. Collection also have Supreme palette. It’s fall LE & palette have fall colors. In Slovenia we got it in december ( we still don’t have Glitter 2 palette, we’re behind but I don’t mind cuz I don’t really like that palette jajaj) when fall was all over :/ Palette have 12 shades inspired by the time of “Respect” song =)


Palette is in my eyes sectioned in 3 parts. Four shades in fall colors, next 4 are neutral/skin-toned colors that can be used for contouring & next 4 are orange-red-pink colors that can be least 2 can be cuz they have matte finnish.

DSCN5120 DSCN5132

1. GLADYS WHITE — not so much pigmented white with lil bit of shimmer. For highlighting.
2. JAMES BROWN — Brown color with shimmer.
3. ROBERTA BLACK — matte black, smoky black..not so powerful black, it’s toned down.
4. VANDELLAS — Burgundy red. It’s matte.

DSCN5121 DSCN5142

5. SHALAMAR — dark neutral color or light brown. Like tanned skin 🙂 Matte.
6. COUNT BASI BEIGE — light beige matte
7. CAMEO CREME — matte white
8. MOTOWN MINK — light matte taupe

DSCN5122 DSCN5154 DSCN5147

9. ARETHA ORANGE — Darker orange with shimmer
10. OTIS RED — matte red with dark pink undertone
11. O’JAYS — Dark orange with red undertone and gold shimmer
12. NEW JACK PINK — Dark matte pink

My favourite colors from this palette are “James Brown” and “O’Jays”. Vandellas is also great, blends very well.

My new Essence lipglosses

For some time I totally ignored lipglosses that I have. Last month I wanted to use some and figured out they mostly run out of date. So I decided to get some new Essence cuz I like them 🙂


1. Essence lipgloss in 022 NUDE KISS

Nude kiss is lipgloss in “Nude” color 🙂 In past Essence had collection XXXL Nudes lipgloss. One of the lipglosses had the same name as this one. I have it and I really love it. I thought new and old one will be the same, but they’re not. New version is darker. I was a lil bit sad bcuz of that but I can say that new version looks better on me that old I started to like it o/

DSCN4787 DSCN4831

DSCN4846+ DSCN4859+

2. Essence lipgloss in 18 SPARKLING PAPAYA

DSCN4789 DSCN4871+

3. Essence lipgloss in 18 TRUE LOVE. Contains carmine.

DSCN4791 DSCN4890

DSCN4893+ DSCN4887+

4. Essence lipgloss in 021 RED BLOSSOM

DSCN4794 DSCN4903

All lipglosses apply smoothly, they’re not thick and they are well ones more than other 2. Nude Kiss have toffee smell, Sparkling papaya have strong fruity smell and other two have a lil bit of fruit smell. My favourites are Nude Kiss and True Love. For holidays I’ll wear a lot Red Blossom over some red lipstick.

IsaDora Northern lights, winter 2012

IsaDora will have collection inspired by the Nordic winter wonderlands and its beautiful nature *-* I love all that! Specially now that alpine skiing, cross-country, biathlon and ski jumping season is coming \o/ And cuz I discovered my love to Swedish crime books and recently also to all Nordic/Scandinavian crime books 🙂

Isadora describes how they got inspired:
• White (Snow)
• Silver (Stars)
• Dark blue (Night sky)
• Purple (Northern lights)
• Golden browns (Lynx)
In addition a touch of red – the core color of the holiday season!

As always their new collection consist of some new and some old products. Old are Perfect Moisture Lipstick in 164 Marshmallow, Perfect Matt Lipstick in 03 Red Carpet , Glitter Eyeliner in 30 Gold, Glitter Eyeliner in 31 Silver, Perfect Liner in 36 Ruby Red, Moisturizing Lipgloss in 19 Marshmallow and Big Bold Mascara in 10 Black

Now let’s go to the new things! Some bloggers already made some swatches.. I’ll put link to them.


I fell in love when I saw this in promo foto!! It’s nice light purple with some glitters for de luxe =) I thought it will be more pigmented.. you can see on Bluebell81 photos that is sheer :/


Cream mousse eye shadow is totally new product by IsaDora. First 6 of them came out in october. For this collection they added silver Stardust. I never tried any of cream mousse eyeshadows and don’t really know if I want to.. I prefer eyeshadows in palettes, they look nicer to me 🙂 Cream mousse’s are great for girls who don’t have much time to play with brushes and are handy for trips cuz they don’t take a lot of space.
You can see photos of Stardust on Frida Skoglund blog.


Two new super nice palettes *-* Lately I like their LE palettes =) On promo photo I prefer Northern Lights palette but on swatches Lynx is my favourite. Don’t like that white in Northern lights, it should be less pigmented. You can see swatches of both on PurityBeauty blog, Skimmerskuggan blog, Frokenrosa blog and on IsaDora blog


749 North Star ( silver glitter )
750 Polar Nights ( blue jelly with different size of silver & blue glitters )
-751 Arctic treasure ( gold glitter )

My favourite is Polar nights \o/ I thinks is everyone’s favourite from this 3 cuz other 2 are too much regular.. you can find billion of polishes like this. Polar nights is original ( I think so.. do u know about any dupe shade? ).
Check really good post about all 3 polishes on

And for the end… when I wrote the title of this post I remembered on Mel C song Northern Star. It’s not northern lights as this collection but goes well with the theme 🙂

Catrice – The Shanghai Collection

Last year Catrice came out with Big City Life LE. In their were 4 palettes with matching nail polish. Each palette represented one big city from around the world ( Berlin, Sydney,New York, London). I didn’t buy any cuz at that time I wasn’t into light/neutral/brown eyeshadows.

In this fall they made another Big City Life LE. This time with 3 palettes and nail polishes. City’s are San Francisco. Paris and Shanghai.
I bought Shanghai cuz in this fall I love shadows like this =) I probably have some similar ones in Sleek palettes but with different finnish and in different I have all in one, it’s more practical.
Reminds me on some shades from Urban Decay Naked Palette

In palette you get 6 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 1 black eye pencil and 1 two-sided brush. Palette is in massive paper box with magnet to close and little rope to open. What I don’t like is that is quite hard to put out eye pencil and brush cuz they are to deep in the box. Brush does fall out but pencil don’t want to.


1. Yu Garden –> matte white for highlight
2. Oriental Pearl Tower –> pearl gold
3. Nanjing Road –> Matte light brown
4. Jin Mao Tower –> shimmer light bronze
5. Transrapid –> Dark brown. On swatch looks like matte but in palette you can see some microglitters in gold/blue/pink.
6. Cloud 9 Bar –> shimmer old gold. My favourite color from this palette.


1. Bund –> Light red blusher
2. Pudong –> light coral blusher

I usually don’t wear or buy blushers. This 2 blend really fast.

If you have 20 minutes you can watch this video that I found on Youtube. It’s in german. All 3 palettes are reviewed 🙂

New lipsticks for fall

As I mentioned in some past post I’m into dark red nail polishes… so I looked if I have some matching lipstick. I had only 1 dark red 😮 and is not better with red lipsticks either. I guess I prefer other colors on my lips xD

To put some new colors into my collection I went to DM store and bought 2 S-He Stylezone lipsticks. If you don’t know how new color will look on you is better to start with cheap versions and then move to other brands 🙂

Sadly S-He Stylezone don’t have names just numbers… so here they are

1. S-He Stylezone lipstick in 135

This one screams fall to me! 🙂 It’s really awesome shade in tube. I like it on my lips but would like if it would be more “compact”, not so sheer, maybe matte or more pigmented..then it would be perfect! Will try to find more pigmented dupe but till then this is my new favourite lipstick for fall \o/

2. S-He Stylezone lipstick in 147

This one is dark red. I mainly bought it cuz I wanted to see if its dupe of IsaDora 155 Zinfandel that I own. IsaDora is more matte and thick while S-He is more thin ( if I say it in nail polish vocabulary jajaj ) They are not dupes. In bottle IsaDora is a shade darker, on hand is a big difference but on lips difference is only in different finnish and duration.

Hand photo: On left is S-He Stylezone & on right is Isadora

Lips photo: On uper lip is IsaDora and on lower is S-He Stylezone.

This shade is to dark for me, at least for daily wear. So I apply it, then wipe with hanky and apply Labello Fruity Shine over it. In that way I get shade fit for me.

IsaDora eyeshadow palette 64 Paradox

Last month I won another #wonderfulwednesday competition on Isadora twitter. I didn’t even know I can compete again ( after u win once, you can’t for another 3 months) so it was surprise when I saw that I won xD I got 5 things but today I’ll show you only eyeshadow palette.

Yeea eyeshadow top did broke lil bit but I put tape over and is all ok 🙂 Some girls would send it back but I don’t have time to mess around with this things.

Soo, I got:
1. IsaDora Mild Make-up remover that is oil-free and refreshing… really is refreshing! It’s of good quality and removes make-up really fast. If you have or ever tried “L’oreal Gentle Waterproof Eye and Lip Make up Remover” .. it works the same but you don’t need to shake it and is refreshing.
2. Small sample of IsaDora Light Touch Natural Radiant Make-up SPF-15 in 52 Sand Didn’t try it yet on my face but did put it on my hand and is to dark for me. I also have small sample of 50 Nude and that one is more in my colour.
3. IsaDora WigWham Heavy Lashes Mascara in 01 Black magic
4. IsaDora Dynamic Lash Growth Mascara in 01 Black It says that you get visibly longer lashes after 30 days. I started to use it on October and will do post about it in november. So far I like it 🙂

5. IsaDora EyeShadow Quartet Smoke&Shimmer in 64 Paradox

It’s the first time I tried their eyeshadow palette and I’m impressed. I never bought any cuz I thought they have to boring colors to give more than 20€ for it. This one I actually liked even be four I got it, specially light blue shadow. All shadows have shimmer, 2 also glitters and they all apply very smooth. Brown smoky shadow blends fast and good. Duration is also long ( around 8h on me) and glitters don’t fall all over your face.

– first is light grey shimmer eyeshadow for highlighting
– next is light blue eyeshadow with blue-silver glitters
– black eyeshadow with bigger silver glitters
– dark brown with blue/pink shimmer

In videos below you can see how IsaDora make-up artist Stephan Ulvund Øien used this palette.

Some new IsaDora things

First I’ll show you what is new from IsaDora I have and then what new they’ll have 🙂

In June I run out of my base coat so I went to the shop to buy one. Didn’t know which one to buy, so when one of shop assistants asked me if I need help, I for change said that I do 🙂 She recommended me IsaDora Base Coat. As fan of IsaDora I was happy she said that xD

1. ISADORA 400 Base Coat from their Wonder Care Nail Spa line

It’s my first white/pearl base coat. Is like that only in bottle. Have hypo-allergenic formula and on side is written that is DOUBLE BASE COAT. IsaDora says that evens out the nail & makes a perfect base for nail polish. Also strengthens and prevents discolouring of the nail.
From my experienc I can say that it really does evens out the nail and prevents discolouring. For telling you if it strengthens your nails I’m not perfect person cuz I have naturally harder nails, so they are the same as always.
What I totally like about this base coat is that it dry fast \o/ It dry in the same finnish as are your nails, it’s not shiny.
In bottle is 6ml of base coat. I pay around 12€.. it’s too much for so little. I think they should do bigger bottle for base coat & top coat cuz that’s what you really need a lot.

2. IsaDora Perfect Lipliner in 80 Transparent Lip Fix

This transparent lipliner is from their new LE Paradox. For me is a must-buy product.. and so far only that I bought from Paradox LE 🙂 Can’t decide which Matte lipstick to buy :s

As name says it’s transparent, so it wouldn’t have sence to make swatches 🙂 You can’t see it on lips but you can feel it. It fits to every shade. That’s awesome cuz every lipstick don’t have matching lipliner & we have problems to find right one. Applys like butter and I had a feeling like it moisturizer my lips. It’s the best thing that I ever bought.. now I finally feel free to wear any color of lipstick.
In Paradox LE is also red lipliner that I wanted to buy long ago, but now that I have this one I don’t need red one.

And now whats new by IsaDora. In september/october they’ll put on market new collection of nail polishes JEWELS OF THE ORIENT 12 new shades for fall and winter \o/

#637 Night Flight
#720 Beetle Green
#733 Paradise Green
#740 Dynasty
#741 Black Amethyst
#742 Sultan Palace
#743 Orient Express
#744 Ancient Ruby
#745 Persian Princess
#746 Silk Road
#747 Oasis
#748 Peacock

From promo photo I like Sultan Palace, Orient Express,Oasis and Ancient Ruby.
There are already some swatches on net from Swedish girls. You can see them here –> Froken Rosa, Dolce Delinda RoxCat

IsaDora Paradox collection for fall 2012

Today I saw on IsaDora Facebook promo fotos for their new collection. It’s for fall and will come out in september 2012. Collection is mix of classic and trendy colors, total opposite of their Summer Papagayo collection 🙂 My favourites are matte lipsticks, one lipliner and nail polishes.

1. Isadora Perfect Matt Lipstick in 01 Bare Bohemian, 03 Red Carpet and 05 Femme Fatale.

“Satin matt lips with a comfortable feel.
Perfect Matt Lipstick has an intense luminous matt finish and is pleasant to wear all day long without drying out your lips or fading. It has a lightweight, yet creamy texture that glides on the lips. Triglycerides guarantee comfort and a satin matt color finish. Perfect Matt Lipstick cares for your lips and includes ingredients with softening, hydrating and protective properties.” .. from

2. Isadora Moisturizing lipgloss in 21 Red Carpet & 22 Diva Red

3. Isadora Perfect Lipliner in 31 Perfect Red & 80 Transparent Lip Fix

“Transparent Lip Fix is an anti-feathering lip contour pen that fits all lip colors. Prevents fading and feathering and has a plumping effect. Moisturizing, soft and supple.” … from

4. Isadora Wonder Nail in 641 Femme Fatale, 637 Night Flight & 639 Metropolitan.

5. Isadora Eyeshadow Quartet in 63 Brown Patina & 64 Paradox

6. Isadora Twist-Up Metallic Eye Pen in 54 Dark Brown. 56 Steel Grey and 58 Deep Black

7. Isadora Precision Mascara in 10 Deep Black

8. Isadora Glossy Eyeliner in 42 Dark Brown

“Glossy Eyeliner is a liquid eyeliner with a super glossy and glamorous finish. The rich formula guarantees perfect adherence and intense color pay-off. Flexible and pointed applicator makes it possible to draw a super fine or broad line. Quick-drying and waterproof.” … from

9. Isadora Glow Stick-Blusher in 12 Vintage Rose

“Face and body illuminator. A sheer glow/blusher stick for a fresh glowing skin.” …from

In my opinion “must buy” from this collection is Transparent Lip Fix. I hope it really will match to all colors, cuz that way you don’t need to buy million lip liners. I’ll buy it and red lip liner also. I need one and I know Isadora have super good lipliners. I also like Matt Lipstick in Red Carpet and nail polish in Metropolitan.

We shot some BRONZE \o/

For the third time my post is about Olympic medals =) It’s a pleasure to write about our medals \o/ We got another bronze. This time in shooting, 50m Rifle Prone. Is when they lay and shot xD Bronze went to another of our legends. And he’s Olympic legend also 🙂 He is Rajmond Debevec, have 49 years and these are his 8th Olympics!! Eight! Only 3 other ppl competed more times than he 😮 You can see List of athletes with the most appearances at Olympic Games on Wikipedia. After he won this bronze he said :”See ya in Rio 2014!”
This is his first Olympic medal in 50m Rifle Prone but overall is his 3rd. He have gold from 2000 and bronze from 2008, both in 50 metre rifle three positions. He’ll also compete in this event in London2012 so we might get some more medals with him, even thou he says he’s so got at it at the moment cuz he have problems with eyes and calm hand when he stands.

I still have on my nails bronze polish from yesterday and don’t have any other bronze one. So in his honour here is simple bronze make up that I found on youtube. Need to be prepared better if our Olympians will win some more bronze medals.