IsaDora Bella Vita Spring 2013 LE

IsaDora prepared new collection for spring. Is full of pastel colors, even for eyes. They say it’s inspired by Mediterran & ice cream and that you need to think on Audrey Hepburn in the 50s with a contemporary twist when you look at this LE. Even thou I love Jelly Kiss lipsticks ( 2 new colors in this LE) I think the star of this LE is eyeshadow palette in pastel colors *-*


In collection are: ( All photos are from IsaDora page )

1. JELLY KISS LIPSTICK in 60 Ballerina, 62 Cappuccino and 63 Biscotti. Numbers 62 & 63 are new colors.


2. MOISTURIZING LIPGLOSS in 29 Bubble gum & 41 Noisette. Bubble gum is old shade.


3. PERFECT LIPLINER in 28 Nude Skin & 29 Candy Pink.


4. NAIL POLISHES in 752 Macchiato, 753 Rosette, 754 Bella Vita, 755 Pistacchio.


5. EYE SHADOW QUARTET in 49 Gelato. LIke how they used this eyeshadows on promo photo but I’m affraid this matte shadows woun’t be pigmented enough for my taste 🙂


6. EYEBROW LIFTER , HIghlighting pen. YOu can see swatch on LInda Hallberg blog.


7. INLINER KAJAL in 50 Satin White.


8. FLEX TIP EYELINER in 80 Carbon black.


9. PRECISION MASCARA in 10 Deep Black.


10. PERFECT POWDER BLUSHER in 06 Pink Blossom.


You can see photos and swatches of some products on FrokenRosa blog, DolceDelinda blog, Linneas Sminkblogg, Stereotypicallyme blog


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