Sleek Respect Palette

In first post of this year I decided to show you Sleek Respect palette. I got it for x-mas. It’s from PPQ Shangri-LA collection. Collection also have Supreme palette. It’s fall LE & palette have fall colors. In Slovenia we got it in december ( we still don’t have Glitter 2 palette, we’re behind but I don’t mind cuz I don’t really like that palette jajaj) when fall was all over :/ Palette have 12 shades inspired by the time of “Respect” song =)


Palette is in my eyes sectioned in 3 parts. Four shades in fall colors, next 4 are neutral/skin-toned colors that can be used for contouring & next 4 are orange-red-pink colors that can be least 2 can be cuz they have matte finnish.

DSCN5120 DSCN5132

1. GLADYS WHITE — not so much pigmented white with lil bit of shimmer. For highlighting.
2. JAMES BROWN — Brown color with shimmer.
3. ROBERTA BLACK — matte black, smoky black..not so powerful black, it’s toned down.
4. VANDELLAS — Burgundy red. It’s matte.

DSCN5121 DSCN5142

5. SHALAMAR — dark neutral color or light brown. Like tanned skin 🙂 Matte.
6. COUNT BASI BEIGE — light beige matte
7. CAMEO CREME — matte white
8. MOTOWN MINK — light matte taupe

DSCN5122 DSCN5154 DSCN5147

9. ARETHA ORANGE — Darker orange with shimmer
10. OTIS RED — matte red with dark pink undertone
11. O’JAYS — Dark orange with red undertone and gold shimmer
12. NEW JACK PINK — Dark matte pink

My favourite colors from this palette are “James Brown” and “O’Jays”. Vandellas is also great, blends very well.


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