My new Essence lipglosses

For some time I totally ignored lipglosses that I have. Last month I wanted to use some and figured out they mostly run out of date. So I decided to get some new Essence cuz I like them 🙂


1. Essence lipgloss in 022 NUDE KISS

Nude kiss is lipgloss in “Nude” color 🙂 In past Essence had collection XXXL Nudes lipgloss. One of the lipglosses had the same name as this one. I have it and I really love it. I thought new and old one will be the same, but they’re not. New version is darker. I was a lil bit sad bcuz of that but I can say that new version looks better on me that old I started to like it o/

DSCN4787 DSCN4831

DSCN4846+ DSCN4859+

2. Essence lipgloss in 18 SPARKLING PAPAYA

DSCN4789 DSCN4871+

3. Essence lipgloss in 18 TRUE LOVE. Contains carmine.

DSCN4791 DSCN4890

DSCN4893+ DSCN4887+

4. Essence lipgloss in 021 RED BLOSSOM

DSCN4794 DSCN4903

All lipglosses apply smoothly, they’re not thick and they are well ones more than other 2. Nude Kiss have toffee smell, Sparkling papaya have strong fruity smell and other two have a lil bit of fruit smell. My favourites are Nude Kiss and True Love. For holidays I’ll wear a lot Red Blossom over some red lipstick.


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