Depend Glitter & Metal LE

I was surprised when I already saw this LE in Slovenia \o/ It came to their page two or one week ago and we already have it. There’s not even a lot of swatches on net yet. From promo photo I knew I watch polishes number 278 cuz it looks like it’s orange glitter but it’s not and 338 cuz looks like x-mas 🙂


All glitters look amazing but metal part don’t look metal to me but colors look good..more like if they’re part of Depend Mirror LE just with less shine.
Glitter 276 is pink, 277 have mix of red and silver glitters, 279 have gold+red+green glitters, 280 is full of dark purple glitters and some others that I don’t remember =) and 335 have silver and holo glitters ( I think holo are bigger than silver).

1. DEPEND 338 nail polish –> Semi-jelly red with pink undertone with pink shimmer and silver glitters. Like if you have some candy on your nails 🙂 I put 2 coats my nails are still visible. It’s nice shade, perfect for those who would like to wear red for x-mas but don’t like classic red.

DSCN4728 DSCN4730

DSCN4739+ DSCN4742+

2. DEPEND 278 nail polish –> Glitter polish with gold,red and pink glitters. I put it over 338 but they don’t go very well together cuz you can’t see pink glitters. I prefer 338 with no add-on =)

DSCN4732 DSCN4752

3. DEPEND nail polish in 045 –> This is from their permanent collection. I’ll show it in this post cuz it goes with the theme =) It’s polish full of micro-gold glitters.



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