Polar nights

We never have polar nights but I do have nail polish with that name. Is from IsaDora. Have blue base color, lot’s of small silver glitters and some silver glitter hexagons. Looks impressive in bottle but somehow this hexagons don’t want to go from brush to my nails :/ I put 2 coats of polish, maybe in 3rd I would get more of them 🙂

I didn’t expect that in second coat blue will be so dark but I like it that way.

I wanted this polish since I first saw sneak-peek from IsaDora *-* Thought I don’t have any similar polish but found today Essence 78 Blue Addicted. It’s the same idea, jelly polish with two different shapes of glitters. Difference is that Essence polish is more sheer, blue jelly have green&black undertone, small glitters are in blue and hexagons are in green and blue.
I could say that I prefer Polar nights cuz I never wore Blue Addicted 🙂 I guess green hexagons bother me & that’s way I don’t put it on my nails.


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