Yellow glitters over Steel my soul

When Depend showed their first promo photos for Fall 2012 collection all was wooowed by polish number 328. When woow effect went away you thought how does neon yellow goes with fall and will this look ok on nail.
My first thought was “I’m gonna buy this!!”, then I saw swatches and didn’t like it buuut then saw it in shop and it went with me xD

Depend 328 is light neon yellow based polish with silver glitters. Some say it have clear base and yellow glitters. I put it on white paper and it left yellow trace. Glitters can’t color your white paper,right? When you apply it, yellow base go over silver glitters and they look like frosting or like when you put crystal sugar on hot cake and then some crystals do melt and some don’t.

I didn’t try this polish on it own ( u can see that on blog ). I put it over Catrice 905 Steel my soul. It’s 1 coat over and no top coat. Looks like if glitters sink into base polish 🙂 You can see only a hint of yellow. It reminded me immediately on fallen yellow leaves that I can see over my window.

So, as a top coat it goes well with fall 🙂 Don’t know if I would wear it on its own in fall, at least not this year when I’m all into dark autumn polishes.
If you want to see how it looks over white and black base polish go to Nailtastic blog. The same as she, I also don’t like it over white & black. I’ll try it over Depend 325 cuz it looked promising when I tried it on paper xD Had that crystal sugar effect, I was talkin upper in this post.


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