NOTD: Catrice – How I matt your mother

You know when you see something on internet and it goes immediately on your Wish list, then you buy it, try it and with the same speed it goes to your “Regret to buy list”.
It happened to me with Catrice 890 How I matt your mother. I saw it on Nihrida blog. It looked so awesome to me and I wanted to try this “Brushed Metal Effect”.

I was so happy when I got it cuz it was the last in store stash that day. Went to try it immediately and… Looks to dark on my nails, brushed effect is not so visible as on Nihrida’s nails and brush is awful on my polish :/ Plus first looks as if is one coater but when it dries, color separates in the middle of your finger so you need to apply another coat.

Tried this polish twice and it failed both times :/ Won’t use it anymore. It’s good that serie “How I met your mother”, after which this polish got name, is way way much better \o/


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