Face creams that I use

I wrote last post about face creams and other face products two or one year ago 🙂 Since then this routine changed a lot. I don’t use Nivea products anymore. Not cuz I don’t like them but my skin got used to them to much and they didn’t work as they should. Now I use Balea and AOK products. I have mixed skin.

AOK is brand from Germany & part of Schwarzkopf&Henkel. In Slovenia you can buy it in Muller.Befour I first try it I didn’t know anything about it, it was experiment..blind buying xD
AOK have more collections. First Beauty for teenagers, Pur Balance for ppl in 20’s ( I use this one ), Aqua minerals for ppl in 30’s & I saw now on their page that their new product is BB Cream 🙂

1. AOK Klärende Reinigungstücher –> Cleaning wipe in english =) It’s with peach-extrat and salicyl-komplex. In one pack you get 25 wipes. They do what all wipes do 🙂 But they don’t have cream inside so depend on your skin type you might need to apply cream after it. I only need to do that in winter when my skin is more dry.

2. AOK Porenverfeinernde Tagescreme –> Daily creme with peach-extrat and salicyl-komplex. Really good creme. Put my skin in balance, reduced zits and my skin is oil-free till night. Have medium thickness and light fresh peach smell.

I like AOK Tagescreme a lot but don’t use it anymore. Not cuz it’s no good but cuz I accidentally bought their flouid ( similar box, I didn’t know they had creme & fluid jajajaj ) that I like even more.

3. AOK Beruhigendes Feuchtigkeitsfluid –> Fluid with Tea & Ginger-extrat. Fluid is more liquid version of creme. You don’t need a lot of it to spread it over your face. It’s light and perfect for summer. Have the same effect on my skin as Tagescreme but I prefer smell of fluid and how easier is to apply.

4. AOK Seesand Peeling –> Peeling with Tea& Ginger-extrat. Creamy peeling with light brown seesand. There’s more seesand than cream cuz cream is just base so you can apply it. Seesand is so small that is not harsh. Don’t damage your skin, does his job gently & efficient. I use it every sunday.

In fall and winter air is more harsh and your skin more dry so you need cremes that are thick ( at least I do ). In that time I use Balea creams.

1. Balea Feuchtigkeits Spendende Tagescreme with Lotusflower for normal & mixed skin; Nice thicker cream that smells awesome even on your face & smell stays there for an hour & so ppl always ask what perfume do I use xD moisturizer my skin in cold days very well (y)

2. Balea Outdoor aktiv creme with LSF 15 –> Creme specially made for cold winter days. With Edelweiss-extrat & sheabutter. Is really thick.. buy it when you go for skiing 🙂 and apply it when you know your be at least half of the day outside cuz in the house you start to shine in 2h.

3. Balea Nature Tagescreme –> Daily creme with Bio-tomato-extrat from France 🙂 That’s how they say jajaj Don’t know why is important to write on creme that tomatoes are from France xD It’s their new creme ( they have new bio line ). It’s the same as Balea Feuchtigkeits Spendende Tagescreme just that main ingredient is tomato and olive oil. It’s my new favourite creme. I use it for fall and winter.


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