Essence Twilight & Home sweet home

I’m not fan of Twilight ( did read all the books, pass all the films.. it’s ok but I’m not a fan) but anyway I somehow end up buying Essence Twilight collections 🙂 If I remember right first product I ever bought by Essence was from Twilight LE ( Essence Eclipse LE, 03 Edward or Jacob? duo eyeshadow ) in 2010. Last year I also bought eyeshadow palette, this year I have only polishes cuz I don’t like Essence pigments.

Name of Essence collection for last Twilight movie is “Twilight Breaking Down part 2”. Swaches of pigments are on Polished Polyglot blog and of all other products from collection on EmmabovaryBeauty blog And I’ll show you my photos of 01 Jacob’s Protection and 02 Alice had a vision – again.
This collection is currently available in Slovenia in DM store, in Muller they already had it.

This are darker shades with glitters. I used 2 coats per nail.

1. Essence 01 JACOB’S PROTECTION –> Dark blue, almost black with blue, green and a lil bit of purple glitters.

2. Essence 02 ALICE HAD A VISION – AGAIN –> Dark purple base with purple, pink a lil bit of green glitters.

U can see other two polishes in Nailderella blog

Next Essence collection for winter is Home sweet home. Is all about Scandinavia \o/ I think Essence could pull of more out of this theme. Only thing I really wanted from this LE are nail stickers cuz I love this type of flower pattern. Nail polishes are ok but I have some in this colors so the one I liked the most I bought for my sister 🙂


See nail polish swatches on CandyGlaze blog, and of lipsticks on Misch’s Beauty Blog & Matejasbeautyblog


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