Catrice – The Shanghai Collection

Last year Catrice came out with Big City Life LE. In their were 4 palettes with matching nail polish. Each palette represented one big city from around the world ( Berlin, Sydney,New York, London). I didn’t buy any cuz at that time I wasn’t into light/neutral/brown eyeshadows.

In this fall they made another Big City Life LE. This time with 3 palettes and nail polishes. City’s are San Francisco. Paris and Shanghai.
I bought Shanghai cuz in this fall I love shadows like this =) I probably have some similar ones in Sleek palettes but with different finnish and in different I have all in one, it’s more practical.
Reminds me on some shades from Urban Decay Naked Palette

In palette you get 6 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 1 black eye pencil and 1 two-sided brush. Palette is in massive paper box with magnet to close and little rope to open. What I don’t like is that is quite hard to put out eye pencil and brush cuz they are to deep in the box. Brush does fall out but pencil don’t want to.


1. Yu Garden –> matte white for highlight
2. Oriental Pearl Tower –> pearl gold
3. Nanjing Road –> Matte light brown
4. Jin Mao Tower –> shimmer light bronze
5. Transrapid –> Dark brown. On swatch looks like matte but in palette you can see some microglitters in gold/blue/pink.
6. Cloud 9 Bar –> shimmer old gold. My favourite color from this palette.


1. Bund –> Light red blusher
2. Pudong –> light coral blusher

I usually don’t wear or buy blushers. This 2 blend really fast.

If you have 20 minutes you can watch this video that I found on Youtube. It’s in german. All 3 palettes are reviewed 🙂


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