New lipsticks for fall

As I mentioned in some past post I’m into dark red nail polishes… so I looked if I have some matching lipstick. I had only 1 dark red ๐Ÿ˜ฎ and is not better with red lipsticks either. I guess I prefer other colors on my lips xD

To put some new colors into my collection I went to DM store and bought 2 S-He Stylezone lipsticks. If you don’t know how new color will look on you is better to start with cheap versions and then move to other brands ๐Ÿ™‚

Sadly S-He Stylezone don’t have names just numbers… so here they are

1. S-He Stylezone lipstick in 135

This one screams fall to me! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s really awesome shade in tube. I like it on my lips but would like if it would be more “compact”, not so sheer, maybe matte or more pigmented..then it would be perfect! Will try to find more pigmented dupe but till then this is my new favourite lipstick for fall \o/

2. S-He Stylezone lipstick in 147

This one is dark red. I mainly bought it cuz I wanted to see if its dupe of IsaDora 155 Zinfandel that I own. IsaDora is more matte and thick while S-He is more thin ( if I say it in nail polish vocabulary jajaj ) They are not dupes. In bottle IsaDora is a shade darker, on hand is a big difference but on lips difference is only in different finnish and duration.

Hand photo: On left is S-He Stylezone & on right is Isadora

Lips photo: On uper lip is IsaDora and on lower is S-He Stylezone.

This shade is to dark for me, at least for daily wear. So I apply it, then wipe with hanky and apply Labello Fruity Shine over it. In that way I get shade fit for me.


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