OPI Mariah Carey LE 2013

It’s known for some time that Mariah Carey will have a collection with OPI in january 2013. Now they came out photos of bottles and swatches and names but still no official promo photo. In collection are 8 polishes, for at least 4 of them is said that they are “liquid sand nail lacquer” & they look amazing!!
I’m not fan of her but I found that 6 names of this polishes are her song titles. You can find this songs at the end of this post.

Polishes are:
1. A butterfly moment –> frosty tan nude
2. The impossible –> sparkly matte fuchsia = liquid sand polish (on one photo I even saw stars inside
3. Sprung –> shimmery copper
4. Can’t let go –> sparkly matte purple = liquid sand polish
5. Pink yet lavender –> glitter polish
6. Get your number –> sparkly matte blue = liquid sand polish
7. Anti-Bleak –> deep, creamy purple
8. Stay the night –> matte black with red sparkles = liquid sand polish

You can see this polishes on ImaBeautyGeek site


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