IsaDora eyeshadow palette 64 Paradox

Last month I won another #wonderfulwednesday competition on Isadora twitter. I didn’t even know I can compete again ( after u win once, you can’t for another 3 months) so it was surprise when I saw that I won xD I got 5 things but today I’ll show you only eyeshadow palette.

Yeea eyeshadow top did broke lil bit but I put tape over and is all ok 🙂 Some girls would send it back but I don’t have time to mess around with this things.

Soo, I got:
1. IsaDora Mild Make-up remover that is oil-free and refreshing… really is refreshing! It’s of good quality and removes make-up really fast. If you have or ever tried “L’oreal Gentle Waterproof Eye and Lip Make up Remover” .. it works the same but you don’t need to shake it and is refreshing.
2. Small sample of IsaDora Light Touch Natural Radiant Make-up SPF-15 in 52 Sand Didn’t try it yet on my face but did put it on my hand and is to dark for me. I also have small sample of 50 Nude and that one is more in my colour.
3. IsaDora WigWham Heavy Lashes Mascara in 01 Black magic
4. IsaDora Dynamic Lash Growth Mascara in 01 Black It says that you get visibly longer lashes after 30 days. I started to use it on October and will do post about it in november. So far I like it 🙂

5. IsaDora EyeShadow Quartet Smoke&Shimmer in 64 Paradox

It’s the first time I tried their eyeshadow palette and I’m impressed. I never bought any cuz I thought they have to boring colors to give more than 20€ for it. This one I actually liked even be four I got it, specially light blue shadow. All shadows have shimmer, 2 also glitters and they all apply very smooth. Brown smoky shadow blends fast and good. Duration is also long ( around 8h on me) and glitters don’t fall all over your face.

– first is light grey shimmer eyeshadow for highlighting
– next is light blue eyeshadow with blue-silver glitters
– black eyeshadow with bigger silver glitters
– dark brown with blue/pink shimmer

In videos below you can see how IsaDora make-up artist Stephan Ulvund Øien used this palette.


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