Depend Holo’s

Hello,Hollo/Holo!! xD New post is here. It’s time to show you my 2 Depend Holographic polishes, they’re waiting for this since june jajajaj
There are 12 diferent shades Only on Depend page you can read their name, on bottles is only number, as always :/
My shades are 2029 Charm Pink and 2035 Laurel Green.
Swatches of all other shades you can see here –> Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 They are made by NailOfThisWeek
Price for Holo Depend polishes is around 3€, while normal ones cost around 2€ in Slovenian store.

1. Charm Pink 2029

Light pink holo. 1 coat is enough cuz is on thicker side. Subtil.romantic pink. In sun you can see diferent shades of pink. Lovely pink..sometimes look like neutral on my nails, so I would prefer if it would be more darker. Maybe I should buy other shade of pink 🙂 But it’s ok for days when you don’t want a lot of color on your nails.

2. Laurel Green 2035

Light green. Under sun you can seesome light blue stripes on your nails. Totally love this effect! But sadly this polish is really sheer, so you need 2, on some nails even 3, coats of polish. From 5ml you can get 10 or even less manicures :/ If you put this polish over neutral base color, you need 2 coats. Will try it over black once, hope that there I’ll need only 1 coat cuz I don’t want to run out of this polish super fast.


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