Some new IsaDora things

First I’ll show you what is new from IsaDora I have and then what new they’ll have 🙂

In June I run out of my base coat so I went to the shop to buy one. Didn’t know which one to buy, so when one of shop assistants asked me if I need help, I for change said that I do 🙂 She recommended me IsaDora Base Coat. As fan of IsaDora I was happy she said that xD

1. ISADORA 400 Base Coat from their Wonder Care Nail Spa line

It’s my first white/pearl base coat. Is like that only in bottle. Have hypo-allergenic formula and on side is written that is DOUBLE BASE COAT. IsaDora says that evens out the nail & makes a perfect base for nail polish. Also strengthens and prevents discolouring of the nail.
From my experienc I can say that it really does evens out the nail and prevents discolouring. For telling you if it strengthens your nails I’m not perfect person cuz I have naturally harder nails, so they are the same as always.
What I totally like about this base coat is that it dry fast \o/ It dry in the same finnish as are your nails, it’s not shiny.
In bottle is 6ml of base coat. I pay around 12€.. it’s too much for so little. I think they should do bigger bottle for base coat & top coat cuz that’s what you really need a lot.

2. IsaDora Perfect Lipliner in 80 Transparent Lip Fix

This transparent lipliner is from their new LE Paradox. For me is a must-buy product.. and so far only that I bought from Paradox LE 🙂 Can’t decide which Matte lipstick to buy :s

As name says it’s transparent, so it wouldn’t have sence to make swatches 🙂 You can’t see it on lips but you can feel it. It fits to every shade. That’s awesome cuz every lipstick don’t have matching lipliner & we have problems to find right one. Applys like butter and I had a feeling like it moisturizer my lips. It’s the best thing that I ever bought.. now I finally feel free to wear any color of lipstick.
In Paradox LE is also red lipliner that I wanted to buy long ago, but now that I have this one I don’t need red one.

And now whats new by IsaDora. In september/october they’ll put on market new collection of nail polishes JEWELS OF THE ORIENT 12 new shades for fall and winter \o/

#637 Night Flight
#720 Beetle Green
#733 Paradise Green
#740 Dynasty
#741 Black Amethyst
#742 Sultan Palace
#743 Orient Express
#744 Ancient Ruby
#745 Persian Princess
#746 Silk Road
#747 Oasis
#748 Peacock

From promo photo I like Sultan Palace, Orient Express,Oasis and Ancient Ruby.
There are already some swatches on net from Swedish girls. You can see them here –> Froken Rosa, Dolce Delinda RoxCat


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