Magnetic Mania

Magnetic Mania is the name of IsaDora magnetic nail polish with number 858, and I guess I also have Magnetic Mania =)) IsaDora Wave pattern magnet ( this one comes on every IsaDora magnetic nail polish) is soooo good that I fall in love in this type of nail polishes. Be4 I tried one by Alessandro and Essence. By Essence had bad magnet and with Alessandro I didn’t knew what to do cuz it was my first magnetic nail polish xD Didn’t try them again cuz I was afraid that this type of nail polishes will ruined my nails. Is not good to have metal on your nail..metal is magnetics, so I thought they put this in nail polishes..but noop, metal is not in this polishes.

There are 10 different shades. I bought 858 Magnetic Mania. It’s purple with silver-purple fact metallic 🙂

I always use only 1 coat of this nail polish. Cover your nails really well. When you do magnetic pattern it turns into more sheer polish. If you don’t like that you can use 2 coats, but I like it with one.

You can buy separately 3 other types of magnets.. diagonal,horizontal and star. I bought star pattern but so far didn’t figure out how to do nice star pattern :/ Each patter cost 5€.

Overall this nail polish is super awesome. It last me for all 4 days that I had it on be4 I changed my polish 🙂 It didn’t chip at all. Only problem I have is, that instead of 2 shades of purple they could put one red or some other color. All brands do magnetics polishes with safe colors… Depend made some with glitters inside but glitters inside safe colors. Maybe there’ll be second version of magnetics with more wild colors. Shatter polishes also started with safe colors and then developed into wild ones, so hope here will be the same story.


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