Every month is Oktoberfest

Till OPI Germany LE I was not a person for dark polishes. I had some black ones with glitters but I got them mostly bcuz of glitters. This time there was one dark color that got me. It’s “Every month is Oktoberfest”. It’s perfect!! Never thought I’ll say this about dark color =) Turns out even dark colors can be fun xD Looks brilliant on sun.
Be4 I started this post I went over all photos I did and color of this polish started to remind me on dark-red cherry…but there is no cherries in fall, so I still need to connect this polish with something fall-ish.

This is 100% two coater. Covers your nails in one coat also, but in first coat base indigo blue is more visible. Yes it have dark indigo blue base color. You can see it only when you open the bottle and in first coat. In second coat red-purple shimmer pops out. It’s probably red shimmer but blue base makes it shine a lil bit purple-ish. It’s thick on brush & smooth on nails.

This year Oktoberfest will be held from 22.september till 7.october 2012 in Munich,Germany..big beer party!! I never been there, yet =) Slovenian national music is similar to german national music. They even play some slovenian songs on Oktoberfest. One that I’m shure it was played there is song “Na Golici” by “Avseniki”. It’s the most famous slovenian song and have no lyrics. Enjoy in it while you polish your nail with Germany LE polishes! =)


4 thoughts on “Every month is Oktoberfest

    • I thought it’s something like that but then just wrote it’s in october 🙂 Will change it in right data.
      I’ve heard it’s amazing.. well it must be with all that beer xD
      Your welcome! Tnx for your comment 🙂

  1. hi the funny part about your post is, that you can’t watch your video in germany. the reason for this is the music that you “used” in the video. in germany we pay some kind of extra fee for music, and this one is not free…

    i think the polishes are great, but also very expensive in germany…

    • woow, really? Never heard about that. In Slovenia we can watch all videos on Youtube..all that are not set as private. + it’s not my video, I just posted it here 🙂
      OPI polishes are awesome! =) Their price here is 12,99€. I buy them quite a lot when they are on disscount, then they are around 7€.

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