Depend Magnetic nail polishes

I have 2 of 12 Depend Magnetic polishes I bought them in Juni but then left them in Ljubljana so I couldn’t take pictures of them ( happened the same with 2 Depend Holo polishes and IsaDora Magnetic polish.. swatches will come soon).

I have number 6005 and 6010. Bought are with glitters. In 6005 are more visible on nails and are holo while in 6010 are blue/violet.
For bought I used magnet from IsaDora magnetic nail polish. Reason is cuz magnets on my Depend polishes don’t work :/ Or I don’t know how to use them :s Magnet from IsaDora have more power and you don’t need to wait long to make effect, so I guess I don’t wait enough with Depend magnet. Depend magnet makes stripes while IsaDora does waves.

1. Depend Magnetic nail polish in 6005. Grey polish with holo glitters. I used 1 coat of this cuz its super coverable.

2. Depend Magnetic nail polish in 6010. Dark red with blue to violet glitters. Here I have 3 coats cuz I messed something at second coat xD Otherwise is 2 coater. It’s sheerer, with one coat waves or stripes are not so visible.

Even thou I had problems with my Depend magnetics, I love this 2 polishes. Bought will be perfect for fall that comes. I know that some other girls didn’t have problems with magnets.. so maybe is good if you try them in shop somehow =) Don’t know why I have problems with their power, just tried them on refrigerator and they do pop on like normal magnets :s
Anyway.. they coast around 3€ and you can still buy them in DM.


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