Silver hammer

Yesterday at night we got silveeeeer medal!!! In hammer throw! But I waited till today to write about it cuz today was medal ceremony. =) Our new hero is Primož Kozmus. He was Olympic champion in Beijing 2008. This year he got silver. He is more happy for this silver than gold & we others also a lil bit xD It’s cuz months after his gold medal he retired. It was big surprise for all of us. Then he fight for sportsman rights in Slovenia, got married & got cute lil girl, opened hostel and last year said that he’s coming back to sport. He trained a lot and then last month or 2 months ago he fired his coach, so to Olympics he went with no real coach. We all hoped for medal but didn’t really believed he’ll get it. Well when you saw him with smile at start of the game it was obvious he’s going for a medal. And he got it!! Now he just needs bronze from Rio… so far he says he’s going to RIo2016 but he might say no.. who knows 🙂

For our 4th medal in London2012 I finally have to wear silver nail polish =) It’s Essence 04 Love me tender. I put 2 coats over neon yellow jajajaj on one finger I put it over crackle nail polish and I like how it came out.


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