It’s a BRONZE day!

Yeeeea we have new olympic medal! It’s bronze from rowing, double sculls. It’s medal of legends 🙂 Legends of rowing, not just Slovenian, world rowing also. Winners are Iztok Čop and Luka Špik. This is 4th olympics medal for Iztok and 3rd for Luka. Together they have gold from 2000, silver from 2004 and now bronze. Iztok Čop have also one bronze from 1992. Yesterday was exactly 20 years since he got it… impressive right! He was first medal winner for independent Slovenia. He got it with Denis Žvegelj in coxless (rowing).
You now what is also impressive… in 1992 we got 2 medals, in 1996 also 2 medals, in 2000 the same, in 2004 we got 4 medals, in 2008 we ended with 5 and in 2012 we already have 2 soooo since our independence we never got less than 2 medals on Olympics!

Ohh and with all that happy things I forgot to mention that this was last game/ride/row however you call it for Iztok Čop :// He brought us a lot of happy moments. Tnx for everything!!

And to their honour I have bronze nail polish on my nails. It’s Catrice – Bring me terra copper! It’s only one coat cuz I put it over gold from our gold medal xD And on photo looks more orange than in real life.

Hope soon I’ll show you some silver color xD


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