Cling wrap=Saran wrap manicure

Hello,Hello! Came from vacations just on time to catch new hit in blog world =) It’s called Cling wrap manicure. Read that in USA they call it Saran wrap manicure… to me this sounds more Asia style xD It’s the thing that you use it in kitchen and now you can use it on your nails. It’s simple, 5min manicure with cute effect \o/

Video from where I learned how to do it.

And if I understand right, this is the video by girl who invented this :s (Talkin about Saran video).

What I used:

– Manhattan base coat
– Deborah Milano Pret A Porter in 17 Orange Code
– China Glaze in SUN WORSHIPER
– Essence High Shine top coat

I used 2 coats of these cream polish. It’s name says that it’s orange but to me this is coral. Over I put 1 coat of China Glaze and quickly dab it with cling wrap. More that polish dries more it goes away with cling wrap.

Neon is a killer to photograph =)) It’s better if you do this with more opposite colors, like it’s in first video. I already wore base color for a day and then first that I grab was neon orange.
I like this manicure cuz it looks like when you mix colors on a palette and you’re not done yet. I liked to do this at school, at art class. Other kids always used colors from tube, only I mixed them on palette and then others were “wooww! Where did you got this color?” 🙂


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