Sleek Glory Palette

Some posts ago I wrote about Sleek collection inspired by Olympic games. Today I got it!! Super cute!! I order it at Moja Drogerija. It’s inspired by Olympic games but colors are named after Tube line. I never been in England or London, so this is what I read. Lot of girls describe that colors are also connected with line colors. Well it might be but I don’t agree with this. It’s inspired by Olympic Games so colors are connected with Olympic Games not by some train that is in UK! I’m fan of Olympic Games (Summer & Winter edition) so you won’t convince me that it’s not like I say =p

So my explanation of colors is like that (only grey & red are matte, others are with shimmer):

FIRST ROW – Natural colors

TUBE –> Light gold or light champagne color. Even thou in palette don’t look like gold, I saw on my hand that it looks like gold more than color next to it. Have strong gold shimmer that makes it like Gold medal. Hope Slovenia will get some \o/

OVERGROUND –> This color is like mix of gold and bronze in palette but on hand looks like beige. It’s like 2012 Olympics torch.

BAKERLOO –> Bronze color. On skin looks more like brown. It’s for Bronze medal.

JUBILEE –> Silver color for Silver medal.

PLATFORM –> Matte grey color. Hmm I don’t know what in Olympics could be gray. Maybe buildings and gray fog in London.

NORTHERN –> Black with blue shimmer. Sad that blue it’s not so visible on skin 😦 but it’s better than usual matte black that Sleek puts into their paletts. One of 5 Olympic rings is in black. On one of the versions black represents Africa.
Olympic rings were designed by Baron Pierre de Coubertin in 1912. Colors blue, yellow, black, green, and red were chosen cuz in every flag in the world is at least one of this colors. Later they came up with theory that colors represent each continent. Even thou this version might not be true, I like it =) So black is for Africa.

SECOND ROW – Bright colors

DISTRICT –> Green color. Color of Olympic ring for Oceania.

HAMMERSMITH AND CITY –> Pink color. Logo for Paralympics is in Pink.

PICADILLY –> Dark blue. Color of Olympic ring for Europe.

CIRCLE –> Really bright yellow. Color of Olympic ring for Asia.

VICTORIA –> Bright sky blue. Olympic Logo for London 2012 exist in different colors. One version is in this kind of blue.

CENTRAL –> Matte red. Color of Olympic ring for America.

I didn’t use this palette yet but I do have some ideas for make up.
I can’t wait for Olympics to start \o/ As I said I’m a fan =) You can read more about it here –> London2012

If you have Twitter you can help Slovenian Paralympic team. Some Slovenian company’s will give 1€ for every twitt that will have tag #oi2012si Goal is to twitt 10000 so they’ll give them 10000€. OI stands for “Olimpijske igre”, that is Olympic Games in Slovene. SI stands for internet code for Slovenia, like is “.com”, “se” for Sweden, “br” for Brasil. You can see number of twitts here –> #oi2012si


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