Ready for the road

Was lil bit out of blogging life, exams and stuff =) And will be again out, this saturday I’ll go to vacations. So in this post I’ll show 2 palettes that I’ll have with me. Catrice & Essence had them in their summer LE. You can still buy Catrice palette in Muller,Ljubljana center ( at least yesterday was still there). I bought them in june but didn’t had time to blog about it.

1. ESSENCE palette in 01 BEAUTY ON TOUR from Ready for Boarding LE

First I fall in love in outside look of this palette. It’s like old letter *-* Really cute! Inside are 6 shades all with shimmer. They are nice for natural daily look. They stay on for 3 hours. Brown is the most pigmented and my favourite in this palette.

Light gray is first in a row, then comes really light pastel yellow then is pastel green. This 3 are not well pigmented. They’re good to put it in the corner of your eye. Most pigmented of all 3 is green.
Then is light blue that’s in the middle rang of pigmentation & light beige and brown. This 3 I use most of the time.

I figured out that if I put under this eyeshadows white Catrice eyeshadow from my next palette, they last longer on eyes. So buy some light/white Catrice eyeshadow and your Essence eyeshadows will stay longer. 🙂


I was surprised when I came home & saw this is my first Catrice palette or eyeshadow…why didn’t I bought any be4?? They are good, last long and are way better than Essence ones. Inside are 5 eyeshadow. I really like blue ones and love white =) Don’t know what to do with red & orange…maybe for blusher.

White is shimmery but not too to. I use it a lot, for everything =) For base color, highlighter in the corner of an eye. I like to put it as a base color under darker color. It makes them lil bit lighter and adds lil bit of cute shimmer. It’s not pigmented enough to use it for “white eye”.
Then is dark matte blue eyeshadow. It’s nautic blue, good for smokey look. Then is light blue with shimmer, like water on sun. Next on my hand is orange with light shimmer and last is matte red. It’s light red.

I like both of palettes. Maybe I miss more of “night party colors” and a mirror! It would really be good to have mirror on but I guess this would be too much for low price that this palettes have. They both have small duo-brush. They are good if you’re a “starter”, if you know more than just basic makeup technic’s is better that you have some more brushes with you. That’s why both brands put small bags in their LE’s xD


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