Care to dance?

If you care to dance then you need to buy OPI Care to dance xDD Joke, but it is nice light lavender color with jelly finnish. I’m not fan of this light classic color, specially not fan of sheer ones. And I also didn’t like at first collection from where this nail polish is. But it got me with jelly =) And fotos of other blogers. And I like jelly polishes at summer. This year neons and brights are in for summer, but some times you need break and light, natural colors on. This & others from NYC Ballet LE are right for this. They are light and with jelly end they have sorbet OPI called their last jellys =)

It’s sheer jelly nail polish. It looks milky after 3 coats 🙂 But still sheer at tips. I’m not really fan of this but with this polish it looks ok. I used 3 coats.

You can see swatches of other polishes from collection here –> NYC Ballet Together with this my favourite is My Pointe Exactly.


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