Peeling off my nail polish

I do peel off my nail polish when I’m nervous, but this time this is not the case =) I’m peeling off my nail polish cuz I tried my Essence Peel Off base coat. It’ from Ready for Boarding LE. From this LE I also have eyeshadow palette. It’s way better than this base coat 🙂

I never heard of be four that peel off nail polishes exist. So I really wanted to buy and try this one.
It disappointed me a lot :/ First when I opened it, it smell like some white glue that we used in middle school. Good memories, but I’m not fond of having glue on my nails =) That’s first minus, second is that u need to wait 10 minutes to dry. A little bit to long for me. When is dry works like normal base coat.

I put this base coat only on 2 fingers. On one I put it thicker and on other more thinner to see if it makes any difference. It does not, they both peeled in the same way.
Over I put CHINA GLAZE nail polish in GOTHIC LOLITA from Electropop LE It’s pretty violet color. Have pink shimmer and a lot of darker violet parts in it, I guess they didn’t mix it well cuz on nail you don’t see any blue 🙂

My camera ate all brightness of violet color :/ It’s bright, vibrant violet. I bought it cuz I don’t have any similar. I only have light violet, light purple or dark ones but nothing in be2.

Ans then we come to the part when I peel off my polish 🙂 I thought I would peel all at once. WRONG! It’s the same as when you peel off your polish in small parts, just that this time is like you peel off glue. So it goes easier but you still hurt your nails. And I also couldn’t peel off all nail polish, needed polish remover for that.
Purpose of this is that you take less things on your vacations.. This base coat,nail polish and base coat. No polish remover. Great idea but this one don’t work really well, you still need polish remover. Well for 2€ I shouldn’t expect that it would work xD If OPI makes peel off base it would definitely work (y)


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