Neon love

Today I’ve got 2 nail polishes by China Glaze that I order at Za Piko Na i The one that I totally love is bright neon orange, light sun =) Had to try it immediately. Here are my pics 😉

1. CHINA GLAZE nail polish in Sun Worshiper

It’s really bright neon orange. I love all about it..ok, only not the fact that it drys matte :/ And it should have different brush, normal China Glaze brush is to thin for this type of nail polish. If u leave it matte you see a lot of stripes. I put 2 coats. It should be 3, as I read now on other blog =) But for the first try I stopped at 2. It’s shear. I’ve shorten my nails, so it look good, with long nails it would look awful.

My camera doesn’t like this color =) In real life is more neon. More realistic photos you can find on Temptalia blog. She also have all swathes by Poolside Collection It’s LE from 2010. Shop where I bought it had all of the polishes, but lately they got only Sun Worshiper. Saw page today and I guess I was the one who bought the last bottle..Sorry! But…. this year China Glaze have new neon collection, Neons LE There is one orange in China Glaze Orange You Hot?


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