Bunch of lipsticks and lipgloss

I decided to present all lipsticks from my June haul in one post. I’ll also add some that I bought in months be four but never blog about it. I wore them, made photos but then didn’t feel like post them.

Catrice lipsticks. Pink one is with new shape. I like it more than old one cuz it’s easier to apply.

1. CATRICE lipstick in 050 Princess Peach

It’s light orange or peach color. It’s not so sawn in photo but have a hint of neon inside, so it’s not pale peach.

I bought it in may in time of Eurovision song contest. Winner was Loreen from Sweden. I went to see her photos on internet and on some she had similar lipstick. What was interesting was that she made black line in the middle of her lips. Her parents are Berbers from Morocco, and this was made after Berber art/make up.
So I did the same xD But her line is better made and more black =) I used gel-lish eyeshadow by Alverde 🙂 You can use gel eyeliner.

2. CATRICE lipstick in 140 Pinker-bell

It’s dark pink with shimmer. Have purple undertone that I don’t like on me. I think it’s not for me :/ I bought this lipstick bcuz of the name xD I like Tinkerbell! ANd totally like shimmer in this lipstick.

And now to the lipsticks from my haul 🙂

3. MAXFACTOR Flipstick in 30 Gipsy Red

On one side is matte orange-red color. Red with orange undertone. On other side is gold with glitters. You need to apply gold at least 3 times that is really sawn over red. Gold goes away quite fast but red stays on long, around 6 hours.

4. ISADORA Jelly Kiss Lipstick in 51 Bare Bliss

This is the last Jelly Kiss lipstick that I didn’t have. Last from original 10, in spring they added 2 new ones but we don’t Have them in Slovenia :/
I got this one for free from our distributer ORBICO I’ve got it cuz I send them mail where I asked them why we don’t have Jelly Kiss as permanent collection like they have it in Sweden, why price for Isadora are higher here than in Sweden (didn’t got answer) and why they don’t order all collection, just parts of them ( answer: Slovenian girls don’t dare to wear bright nail polishes or lipsticks :o!!). Yeea that answer is totally not true and I send them beck angry reply. Answer was that they’re glad that I’m so interested in Isadora and that if I want they can send me something for free. I wanted this lipstick =)

5. CATRICE lipgloss in Gorgeous Blossom

It’s Nectar Gloss from Colibri LE. It’s pink-coral color. Sheer, gives wet look. Like it but would prefer if it would be more pigmented.

And 2 more things I bought after I made June haul =)

6. ALVERDE lipstick in 20 Brillare Pink

Light pink lipstick. They call it Universal Gloss 🙂 Have light pink glimmer/flakes inside. And basically that’s only thing you can see on your lips xD Flakes sparkling, pink base it’s invisible. It’s from ALverde Alveridissima LE

7. BALEA lipbalm in Never Ending Story


2 thoughts on “Bunch of lipsticks and lipgloss

  1. Haha, a little late maybe since this was writen in june.. Bit oh well 🙂
    Im from, but jelly kiss lipsticks is hard to find here also:/
    Loreen is gorgeous! I meet her at a airplane heading to Stockholm. Got her autograph! Was over the moon 🙂

    My question was, how long to the jelly kiss lipsticks last?
    Send a mail: Hilda.macdonald1@gmail.com


    • No problems =) How awesome that you saw Loreen!!
      Jelly Kiss lipsticks last from 4 till 8 hours. 8h last red,orange and raspberry. They are more pigmented and so they last longer 🙂

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