Catrice – Hi,Society!

Hi,Society! light peach nail polish with shimmer in the same color. Shimmer is more visible in bottle than on nails. It’s similar to Manhattan cosmetics 31L nail polish from Naughty Nails LE. 31L is creme pastel and so it’s harder to work with him.

It’s a 2 coater from Catrice Cruise Couture LE Cute,natural looking polish that I used yesterday when I went to write an exam. I like it even thou I think it looks a lil bit wird on my hands, not good with my skin tone. Or mybe is not for long nails =))

I know I have one nail shorter =) It’s the only one, all others are long. But I decided not to cut others, for now. Why? It’s in the style of NHL hockey players xD When they start playoff they don’t shave till they aren’t out of competition or they win in final. So I decided I won’t cut my nails till I don’t finish all my exams I have in this semester xD CRAZY! They are already longer than I usually have them.


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