OPI Outrageous Neons Mini Collection

Neon colors are hit this year. You can find them everywhere. I especially like them as accessories on pastel dress or some other pastel peace. In summer neons will rock on nails. OPI took care that we won’t run out of neons on vacations. They did Neons mini collection. In box you get white base polish, 4 neon polishes and top coat. All in box so you can take them around.

I read this is their first neon collection. They do have some neon polishes but they are creme neons. This ones are more jelly/liquid so you need to put them over white base. White also helps them to pop more.

You can see shades of polishes in this video made by OPI

Color names are: Ridiculously Yellow, Formidably Orange, Riotously Pink, and Seriously Purple.
From what I saw on video I like the most Purple one. We all need to wait for more professional swatches cuz on her nails you can see white base through & I don’t like that.

Collection will come out in july.
Do you like neons? Will you have them on your nails this summer? I will! =)


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