Tropical Pink

Isadora!! I totally like it o/ Brand from Sweden with great products and with even more awesome giveaways on twitter. Every Wednesday they have #WonderfulWednesday Their twitter is @IsadoraGlobal Two Wednesdays ago price was their Lipstick kit from new Papagaya LE. Lipstick,lipgloss and lipliner from this collection. All u had to do was twitt them link to their Isadora page. First 5 to do that were winners. I was one of them!!! (y) If u win u have to DM (direct message on twitter) them your address and they send it to you. And there’s a rule..I can win in 3 months again. Thats fair rule, otherwise I could win every Wednesday xD
On Facebook they have “Fabulous Facebook Friday” every friday. Sometimes prize is the same as on twitter and sometimes not. Their FB is “Isadora International”.

Soo my gift… I got lipstick,lipgloss and lipliner in Tropical Pink. I didn’t know if I’ll get pink or coral kit from this collection..probably i could mention to them which one I want but I didn’t =) I like both shades. From swatches that I saw, I think pink is more bright,powerful and neon and more in my taste. I think when collection will come to Slovenia I’ll buy coral lipliner cuz have some coral lipsticks that need lipliner.
They also send me 2 testers of “Light Touch Natural Radiant Make-up SPF 15” in color “50 Nude”. Didn’t test it yet.


This is my first lipliner by Isadora and overall my third =) I only have 2 by Essence but this is waaaaay better. Stays long time and I love matte bright pink on my lips! U can wear it on its own with no problem. It’s easy to apply and don’t dry your lips. And is the reason that from now on I love lipliners and will start to buy lipliners instead of lipsticks xD Really I’m in love *-*
Since I never bought in shop Isadora lipliner I don’t know it’s prize but it’s definetly over 12€.


This is my second Perfect Moisture lipstick ( have million Jelly Kiss ones hahahah). Other is 155 Zinfandel. If I compare them..with Tropical Pink is much easier to work. It’s bright, beautiful and stays was on even after i ate bunch of things xD When I opened it I thought I already have similar one, but other 2 bright pink that I have are way less bright. If you have Isadora Jelly Kiss in 55 Chic Cerise..Tropical Pink is more dark and more bright.
In Slovenian shops this coast around 17€.


Very coverable lipgloss. Don’t have any so bright pink lipgloss. But it’s the less intense of all 3. Shows all the power if u put it over lipstick. It’s not sticky. Application was smooth. Inside are small pink glitters. In shop coast around 15€.

I like this Tropical Pink more than I thought I will. It’s super summery and can’t wait for summer to have it on me. So far I used it only in the house cuz we had rain & I think it’s tooo bright for rain =) I think this pink lipstick will be first I’ll actually use till the end.

— For today’s Wednesday they didn’t yet post what prizes are but last Wednesday were new Isadora Magnetics nail was the same on Facebook.


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