Eurovision 2012

Eurovision or Eurosong is coming \o/ It will be next week, 22.may, 24.may and 26.may. Can’t wait!
This week they have first rehearsals in Baku. Our Eva Boto had it today.
Last year I wrote a lot about Eurovision, even post videos of all participants. This year I decided that I’ll post videos only if songs that I like. From 42 I like only 10.. currently. One is Slovenija, naturally xD Well, in fact at the beginning I didn’t like our song but so far I’ve heard it so many times that I like it (y). We’ll be in final & in final we’ll be 5th.. my guessing =) My favourite is Sweden. She’s everyone’s favourite, that means that there are really big chances that she won’t win, cuz that what normally happens on Eurosong.

Song’s I like from 1.semi-final

1. ICELAND – Gréta Salóme & Jónsi-“Never Forget” –> i like it even thou I prefer version in “icelandig”, “icelandish” :s, it’s more magical =)

2. ROMANIA – Mandinga – Zaleilah –> Spanish!! =) Summer song, I love it! I would like if it would be all in spanish.

3. FINLAND – Pernilla Karlsson – “När jag blundar” –> LOve the sound of this song, and like it even more when I read translation of it. Romantic and beautiful.

4. CYPRUS – Ivi Adamou – “La La Love” –> Catchy summer song that u keep on repeating =)

5. DENMARK – Soluna Samay – “Should’ve Known Better” –> Like refrain.

6. HUNGARY – Compact Disco – “Sound of our hearts” –> Kind of like this style of music =)


7. SLOVENIA – Eva Boto – Verjamem –> Verjamem = I belive. And I belive we’ll come to final. That’s always our goal xD

8. SWEDEN – Loreen – Euphoria –> Love it since I’ve heard first preview be four 1st semi at Melodifestivalen.

9. NORWAY – Tooji – Stay –> Powerful dance song with touch of Arabian nights.

What song is your favourite?


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