Mini Artdeco nail polishes

After three weeks of no Muller shopping I went there today & I found a cute range of Artdeco mini nail polishes for 3,99€. I bought only two cuz I didn’t have time to pick more of them =) In bottle is 4ml of polish.
I have one yellow ( lately I love yellow nail polishes) and one red. So far I tried only yellow *-*
Artdeco polishes don’t have names, only numbers but you can find names on their internet Artdeco

1. ARTDECO nail polish in 548 BLAZING SUNBURST

Light yellow with small micro rainbow glitters and with a lot of small silver glitters. Together they make big sunburst effect. It’s not pastel color so applying was fun \o/ It’s shear. On photo I have 2 coats, after I put another one & you could still see my nails through. When your on sun, this polish shines so much that you don’t see sheerness.

Red one is 530 RED MAGENTA. I’ll swatch it tomorrow =)


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