2 little rebels

Two little rebels from Essence Rebels collection. Two out of 4 nail polishes that I bought 🙂 Collection that didn’t interested me a lot, but since it was there I bought it. I expected that it would be more crazy,rebel as name says jajajaj. As I mentioned on twitter it would be great if Essence would do this collection some years ago when in Slovenia was very very popular mexican telenovela Rebelde ( that means rebel in english). In telenovela & in real life there was group of 3 girls and 3 boys named RBD. They could do nail polishes inspired by 3 girls from group =) That collection would be definitely sold in seconds. But today this collection is passed by lot of girls. I miss some eyeshadows and more powerful colors. Mauve & nude colors are not rebel really 🙂

Nail polishes have latex effect. I don’t know what this should mean xD They are semi-matte, mybe latex is the other name for this 🙂 They have small micro glitters and that prevents from begin matte.

1. Essence 03 Peach Punk

Peach color. I was surprised when I saw I don’t have any similar nail polish in my stash… I was sooo shure I do have xD Have million corals instead jajajaja
Cute summer polish. I needed 3 coats.

2. Essence 01 Mauve like a rock star

This is brown mixed with a lil bit of purple. U can see this in a bottle but on nails is more brown than purple. I want more purple in this mauve! =) Also 3 coats.

And cuz I wrote about RBD up there I’ll finnish this post with one of my favourite songs by them. It’s Besame sin miedo = Kiss me without fear. Enjoy!


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