The Gift

On 4th of may I had 22 b’day \o/ One of the things my sister gave me were 2 OPI nail polishes. One from Nicki Minaj LE 6 one from Holland LE. It was quite surprise cuz I didn’t tell her what colors I want.. in fact I didn’t knew which one I want, that’s why I didn’t buy on my own any polish from this 2 collections. It was good for her cuz she had free hands, all possible options. Well, from Nicki Minaj LE we have only 2 nail polishes in Slovenia, sadly :/ Now that I have one, mybe I’ll buy other 2.

1. OPI- Fly

This is darker vibrant turquoise but my camera “ate” almost all green in it :s I read that it stain. I didn’t belive it cuz so far no OPI polish stained my nails. But this one really does stain u’re nails :/ So don’t use it as base color, put it over some other polish.
Otherwise is nice summery color, semi-creme. I used 2 coats.

2. OPI I don’t give a Rotterdam!

It’s blue with a lot of silver/grey sparkling parts. They make polish look more like gray with a hint of blue 🙂 It’s beautiful polish!! Reminds me on the time when sun is strong and sea sparkles. Rotterdam is near sea so OPI probably had the same thing in their mind =)
I used 2 coats of polish.


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