Manhattan & Buffalo nail polish LE

Manhattan cosmetics made another collaboration with Buffalo. This time just with nail polishes. There be 20 new nail polishes with names. Hope that this time also with names on bottles not just on internet.
They put polishes in bottles unusual for them but they are really cut. Even thou I would make them lil bit higher so they would look more normal 🙂
Collection will come in May 2012.

More photos at SorayaMousavi

Some of the swatches that are already on internet:

1. Bottle and brush fotos –> Magi-Mania

2. It´s Sandalous!, Asphalt Cowboy, Shoeaholic, Cherry You Up!, Shoe-bee-doo, Frrrozen Yogurth by Honey&Milk

3. It’s Sandalous!,Asphalt Cowboy,Shoeaholic, All for Peach, Frrrozen Yogurth, Blue Suede Toes by Innen&Aussen

From this 8 different swatched colors I like Frrrozen Yogurth and All for Peach.

4. Sun Sneaker, All for Peach, Peep Toe Show, Tender Lavender, Robin Boot, Toough Coffee by Hearttobreath

5. Photo of almost all bottles by

In this specter of 20 colors there’s mybe 3 or 4 for me, shades that I already don’t have. I definitely won’t buy yellow cuz I have 3 the same yellows at home xD


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