Euro2012 Songs

I always watch UEFA Euro competition and FIFA World cup, even if Slovenia don’t play. We won’t play this year cuz we’re makin plans for Brasil 2014 =)))
I also always buy official album & then collect stickers with football players. I don’t know if album for 2012 is already out & when I went to check this I found songs for Euro2012 \o/ YOu know Shakira had already 2 songs at Mondial… Let see what we’ll sing this summer =)

1. Oceana – “Endless Summer” (Reggae Mix)

2. Stormi Henley – Here comes the rain

3. Gogol Bordello – Let’s get crazy

4. Don Omar – Hasta que salga el Sol

I’ve got info about songs from Wikipedia. I have some doubts that song by Stormi Henley is one of official songs. It’s to sad and boring song for such happy event that UEFA Euro is.
Endless Summer is ok but I don’t think it fits for competition in Poland & Ukraine.
I like “Let’s get crazy” song 🙂 I already saw Coca-Cola commercial with it on Slovenian tv.
But my favourite is Don Omar!! I like his songs and I love this style of music.


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