New Sleek Products

Brand Sleek will launch new Palettes on 9.5.2012 \o/ And they already have new colorful eyeliners (y)
Palettes are all matte. I don’t like matte eyeshadows, all that I tried so far were in bad quality :/ I know Sleek have good eyeshadows and that’s why I’m really looking forward to try them. I like matte look on others, specially with white eyeshadow but u need good eyeshadows to make it 🙂
Eyeliners are in 20 different colors. They are smudge proof. On their page they cost 4,79€..will see how much it will be in Slovenian shop jajajaj

Photo from Diary Directory

First one is Sleek Ultra Matte i-Divine V2 Darks Have darker shades.
Second one is Sleek Ultra Matte i-Divine V1 Brights Have brighter shades. I’m guessing pink & yellow will be neon.
I prefer Brights palette even thou I like 6 eyeshadows in Darks palette… Can I buy half of the palette? xDD

Musings of a muse

Liners come in 20 shades, you can see them here–>

White noise
Moulin Rouge
Cobalt Blue
Sand Dune
Dragon Fruit
Blue Moon
Canary Yellow
Red Sky Night

I think I would like to try orange ones 🙂
So far there’s not a lot of swatches of them on internet :/
– Swatches og Bullion, Pumpkin & Tonic by Dolce Vanity
– Bullion by The Sunday Girl
– Nutcracker by The Sunday Girl
– Tonic by The Sunday Girl
– Red Sky Night, Cobalt Blue & Bullion by Sophie is Made Up
– Canary Yellow, Noir & Tonic by Musings of a Muse
– Moulin Rouge, White Noise and Cobalt Blue by Get Gawjus!


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