Ruffian manicure & Pinterest

Some time passs since my last post…it was not intentional, just happened that I didn’t post =))
Mybe the reason is hidden in fact that I cut my nails and didn’t see them as nice enough.
Any way I did Ruffian manicure. I thought it will make illusion of bigger nails but more that I watch photos more I think that this type of manicure is better for longer nails.

So far I made Ruffian manicure twice. What I learned is that you need to know what type of nail polish you have..use that ones that you already used at least once. At my first try I used 1 completely new nail polish and it was a mess cuz I didn’t know is thick 🙂 Second lecture is that u need to apply first color totally to your cuticle cuz that’s make it easier to apply second color.

If you don’t know what Ruffian manicure is, you can read history about it here –> CND Ruffian manicure

In my first try I used:
– H&M nail polish in Coral
– H&M nail polish in WildFlower ( dark pink)

Second manicure:

– OPI Spark de Triomphe
– H&M nail polish in Light Purple

My Ruffian manicure’s are not perfect yet..I don’t make that nice shape as professional artists. But I know that I really do like the version with glitters (y)

In time that I didn’t write I made Pinterest. If you have it you can follow me here –> My Pinterest


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