Some new IsaDora things that I have

This monday I saw in Muller set’s of IsaDora cosmetics. For price of 9,89€ you get one Jelly kiss lipstick, Jelly Gloss and nail polish or instead of nail polish, one eyeshadow. This is really extra super offer!! In Slovenia one IsaDora Jelly Kiss lipstick coast 17€, Jelly Gloss around 16€ and nail polish 10€..for eyeshadow I don’t know. Soo to get all 3 for that price is really generous of Muller (y) \o/ They should do more times this =)

Even thou I super like this sets I had one little problem. I own almost all Jelly kiss lipsticks already. It was hard to find 56 Raspberry Sorbet that I didn’t have. Most of sets have lipstick number 52 or 55. I also wanted lipstick 51 and 53. They don’t have 51 and 53 was not in sets so I buy it for normal price 🙂
Why I did that? Cuz sadly in SLovenia you can buy Jelly Kiss Lipsticks only when IsaDora put them in some limited collection :/ It don’t help that in all other country’s they’re in permanent collection :/ So I buy them every time I see them in store, no matter the price. I love this lipsticks.
I also don’t like that we don’t have all products from IsaDora spring 2012 collection Pearls of Passion Instead of Marzipan nail polish we have white nail polish and instead of Jelly Kiss lipstick in 60 Ballerina & 61 Peach Pearl we have 50 Rainbow & 53 Pink Parfait. It’s not fair!! 😦

I bought 2 sets. One for me and one for my sister..I’ll give it to her for her b’day that’s in april. In both sets was Jelly Gloss in 73 Poppy Papaya. In mine was Jelly Kiss Lipstick in 56 Raspberry Sorbet in her 57 Coral Punch ( I already have this. It’s coral with a lot of pink color in it. It’s spring-summer color). In mine was 683 Dazzling Ocean nail polish and in mine 623 Doll PInk. I already have Dazzling Ocean but I bought this set cuz I wanted Jelly Kiss Lipstick and cuz I know she likes Dazzling Ocean nail polish 🙂

1. IsaDora Jelly Gloss in 73 Poppy Papaya

It’s gloss that gives wet effect with a hint of color. It’s translucent. Normally this type of glosses are least all I tried in the past were. This one is not (y) Have small brush for easy applying. I just wish it would smell more on papaya =) It’s from IsaDora Ocean Drive summer 2011 collection. That collection also include 683 Dazzling Ocean nail polish and 50 Rainbow Jelly Kiss Lipstick

2. IsaDora Jelly Kiss Lipstick in 56 Raspberry Sorbet

It’s darker pink color, pigmented a lot. To dark for spring in my opinion but awesome for summer and fall.

3. IsaDora Jelly Kiss Lipstick in 53 Pink Parfait

It’s light pink, parfait as name says =)) Wird that last year I didn’t like it and this year I’m all into light pinks for spring.

4. IsaDora Nail polish in 623 Doll Pink

This Doll Pink is from their Fanciful spring 2011 collection. In collection were 4 polishes. This one was the only one I didn’t have cuz in spring 2011 I was avoiding any type of pink =))
This is peach-light pink polish with a lil bit of pink shimmer. It’s mix of creme and pastel polish. I used 2 coats.


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