Spring vibe

Today I went to H&M to see if they have any short spring jacket. I didn’t find any interesting, probably cuz I was looking for one :)) What I did found is one spring yellow bag, lip balm and spring nail polishes.

Scarf on photo is also from H&M but I bought it in january. Have pink cherries and is super cute *-*

I totally love this yellow bag!! It’s big change from all brown bags that I have 🙂 It’s perfect and I can’t wait that I’ll have it tomorrow to university/lecture. I like it so much that I just wanna walk around the city all day and show it to everyone xDD It’s big, have a lot of space so all my notebooks will go in \o/

Next is new lipbalm. It’s ginger-lime. Lime gives light green color and smells definitely on ginger… like a candle. They have 2 different types of this lipbalm. One is vanilla and something 🙂 and third is in orange..don’t remember ingredients.

Then I have 3 nail polishes. I didn’t swatch them yet but this will be first thing I’ll do tomorrow.

1. Silver glitter
2. Yellow
3. Pink

They also have version with bronze glitters, brown and natural nail polish.


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