Ski Flying!!! \o/ End of season sadlly but happy cuz it’s in my country. Planica is valley in Slovenia & there is placed ski flying hill Letalnica Bratov Gorišek Hill that all ski jumpers love & respect cuz it’s big and there were some horrible craches already.

Today will be first competition, tomorrow is team event and on sunday is last match where only 30 ppl fly… yesterday were qualis and 71 competitors were. We’re all exited cuz we have World Champion in ski flying Robert Kranjec & Junior World champion in ski jumping Nejc Dežman & silver Jaka Hvala on the same Junior World champion. Ohh and bronze in team event at Ski flying World championship. A lot of good results \o/ Soo it’s expected a lot of viewers.

I wrote all this intro cuz I want you to show one video =) Yesterday Robert (Robi) Kranjec jumped with camera on his helmet. It’s not easy to jump with that type of helmet but he did 203,5m. I think this is the longest flight recorded in this way. They put it on our tv page & then others also on youtube 🙂 It’s super amazing to see what ski flyers see.

He did this in trial round. In qualis he jumped 208,5m. This was for him again only trial cuz he’s automatically on every game… Top 10 from overall standing are on every game, others need to qualify.

Today we expect from him loooong flights, all over 220m so we’ll hear song Planica. Yaaap Planica have own song & chours is played every time some one goes over 215-220. Befour it was played for every 200m but they went to many times over 200m xDD
Song is in slovenian and talks about Planica, ski flying & how ski jumpers are brave and they spread voice about Planica all around the world. It’s famous and almost every ski jumper know to sing “Planica, Planica snežena kraljica!” = Planica,Planica snow queen/ snowy queen. =)

Planica, planica
snežna kraljica!
Le kdo je ne pozna
– lepoto iz snega?

Skakalci kot ptice
letijo pod nebo
in slavo Planice
v širni svet neso

Pozdrav neustrašnim junakom daljav,
prijateljev strmih snežnih planjav!
Slava, čast velja
vsem skakalcem tega sveta!

Junaki Planice
letijo kot ptice,
spet slava gre v svet
za dolgo vrsto let!

Planica, Planica,
še pridemo nazaj,
v Planico, Planico,
pod Ponce v zimski raj!


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