Kissy that I never got

Ppl give and get a lot of kisses but there’s one kiss or kissy that I never got. I’m talkin about Zoya nail polish with name Kissy xD
I never bought any Zoya polish cuz their color were always boring to me. I feel like in every collection they have one green, violet & pink nail polish. I’m also not impressed with their naiming…probably cuz no polish have my name on =) I know there’ll never be Lidija, but it could be english version “Lidia” or “Lydia”.
Even thou I don’t like their polishes I saw on one blog in january their LE collection in which was Kissy. And I loved it!! I wanted it so much. I went to shop “Maxi Market” in Ljubljana where they have Zoya polishes but they didn’t have Kissy only all others :// So I decided to order it from NATI That was big mistake! They have written on page that they send it in one day and that you don’t need to pay post service. Really nice, right? But then… I’ve got automatic mail of what I order but never that it’s confirmed or when my order will come. I waited for post-man for a month every day & nothing. I order it in january and never got it.
Some would say why I didn’t write them that I never got polish. I had similar experience already. I was not at home when post-man came and he forgot to leave note that you need when you go to post to take box you got. You need to take it in 15 days. 5 days be four this date pass, girl from page I order my things send me mail and asked me if something is wrong that I still didn’t pay/get my order. I told her what happened and together we solved the problem and I got my Sleek palette from Moja Drogerija I thought here will be the same but I guess at Nati only computers work, not ppl =)) Since I was waiting so long and was time of exams I totally forgot on this & today finally decided to write about it. Polish is pink & today is Pink Wednesday so it goes along =)

Now that you read all that I can show you the beauty I wanted. It’s pink sister of OPI Save Me from Nicki Minaj LE.

This photo is from Fingerspainted blog. She had amazing photos of this polish. *-*
Kissy is otherwise from Gems & Jewels LE. You can see all 6 polishes here –> Scrangie Gems & Jewels LE


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