Funky Funky

As u know Essence put some new things into their permanent collection. One of the things they add are 2 new shades of lipsticks. 58 Dazzling beige ( I don’t have it) and 59 Funky Funky. First is as the name says beige color with a lot of glitters and second one is violet/purple with glitters. When I saw them on promo photos I knew I had to have violet one =)
And here it is (y)

I don’t like lipsticks with glitters and if I can I avoid them =) But this one I bought because of the color. I don’t have so dark violet in my collection. Glitters inside are in blue,gold and silver color. As u can see on photo they sparkle a lot in lipstick.
On lips color looks sheer but you can build it up with multiple applying. I like it more when is sheer, it’s more wearable.


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