Sparkling Water Lily

Sparkling Water Lily with number 96 is another new nail polish in Essence permanent collection. It’s pearl white that shines a lot. In the bottle have nice, interesting green/blue shimmer… really cute *-* Like green part of Water Lily =) But sadly this shimmer is sawn on your nails only at night when you turn your light on I watch your nails from really close :/ If shimmer would be sawn more powerful, it would make this polish something more than just normal white pearl polish.

Shimmer is sadly so subtile that I couldn’t capture it on photo :/
I put 2 coats on my nails. While I was applying polish I thought on wedding 🙂 It’s elegant and classic nail polish. Looks great on nails even if you don’t have wedding jajajaja. After wedding I thought on spring flower… on Snowdrop. In SLovenia we call it “Zvonček”, that means little bell.

Pearl white nail polish (with different shimmer) is also part of Kardashian Kolors LE by Nicole By OPI. It might become new trend if your fan of Kardashians xD Even if you’re not, this polish looks like having pearls on your nails.


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