OPI Spider-Man LE & Catrice 840 Genius in the Bottle

I just found out about new OPI LE. It’s about Spider-Man. This will be something.. first OPI will have Ballet collection with light shades. I don’t like that collection and I won’t blog about it but you can see it here –> OPI New York City Ballet After it comes a collection with dark and powerfully and all spider-man collection. It’ll come out when film will come out. It’s wird..nail polishes are more for girls,women but OPI did again collection inspired by more manly film.
I watched 2 films about Spider-man and I liked it, will watch this one 2 =) What I don’t like is colors in OPI collection. They put on Chanel Peridot dupe :/ That’s how I got to this collection in fact :)) I read this post by Scrangie. She have 4 almost the same polishes but not yet Catrice 840 Genius in the bottle and new OPI that comes. They all look almost the same. I’ll give my opinion about it at the end of this post.. first let’s go to Spider-Man 🙂

In collection are 6 nail polishes and one shatter polish. OPI lately puts shatter in every of their collections, wird that was not in Holland collection 🙂

Colors are:

1. Your Web Or Mine … Spider-Man red.
2. Call Me Gwen-Ever … Orange like Spider-Man’s girlfriend hair
3. Into the Night … Spider_Man blue
4. Just Spotted the Lizard … This one is described the best as Peridot dupe 🙂
5. Number One Nemisis … Black/Silver color, like dark night
6. My Boyfriend Scales Walls … White color
7. Dark Green Shatter … I don’t know true name of this shatter.

I took photo with swatches from Musings of a Muse
You can see swatches also at Purity.
To me shatter looks like black shatter. maybe it’s more green in real life or at some other angel. I’ll pass it. I think only the ones who collect shatters or who have only 1, will buy it.
Of other non-shatter colors I don’t really like any. You can see photos of bottles on Pinch of Pretty blog.

Now let’s move to Genius in the bottle. To me it’s not really genius =) I know some girls would kill me for sayin that jajajaj But I don’t really see why all like it. Almost all bloggers talk about this polish, all love it. With all that noise about it I had to see how it looks in real life. I never saw Peridot in real life but Catrice version is close enough.

What I don’t like about this polish is this blue shade in it. If you take out this I’ll like it but with blue is on my hate list. I just don’t like it. From some angels you can see a lil bit of bronze/red shade.. if they would put a lot of this instead of blue, I would love it.

I used 2 coats of polish. When I put it on I liked it but after 5 minutes all blog influence went away and I put it of. I couldn’t watch it on my nails. I’ll try it again in fall when there won’t be so much sun, polish would probably act different, maybe I’ll even start to like it.

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